5 Reasons to Choose Solar Lights ...


5 Reasons to Choose Solar Lights ...
5 Reasons to Choose Solar Lights ...

Solar lights are one of the coolest ways technology has changed lighting sources over the past decades. These used to be extremely expensive and only available in very large panels. Today there are lights small enough to place in a garden and along walkways. Here are 5 reasons to choose solar lights, in case you are thinking about purchasing some for your garden.

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They Add Character

The styles of solar lights available today come in such a wide range. There are lights modeled after antique street lamps, retro lights that give more of a funky feel to any garden area, or even lights that are disguised as rocks. The amount of character solar lights can give to a garden or yard is incredible, considering how small they usually are.


They Don't Run up the Electric Bill

Saving money is something that has had to become part of the lives of many people. Some solar lights might be fairly expensive initially, but think of all the money that will be saved over the years they are used. The batteries that store up energy from the sun last for many years and are still cheaper to replace than to install lights that run on electricity from the meter.


They Are Easy to Move around

Most solar garden lights are attached to a peg of some sort. These pegged lights are simply shoved into loose soil and left to do their thing. If the solar light needs to be moved, it is pulled up and positioned in the new location. It's much easier than running a string of stationary lights that have to be plugged in to a wall outlet.


Most Aren't Very Expensive

For the amount of light they put out, small solar lights run fairly cheap. There also aren't batteries that have to be replaced every few months or so. Solar lights can be purchased at many lawn and garden stores and even discount stores carry a variety of styles. The expense will depend on how detailed the lights are, what they are made of, where they are purchased, and how many lights are in the package.


You'll Be Very Happy with Them

I have yet to add solar lights to a garden section and be disappointed. They produce a nice glow that enables me to see where I'm walking, but the lights aren't so bright that they are irritating to my eyes. I bought some for my grandmother's garden and she absolutely adores them. She's pretty particular about what goes in her garden, so if she likes them, then they must really be something!

If you were hesitant about buying some solar lights for your garden, I hope these 5 reasons changed your mind. I'm thrilled with mine. They seem to complete the garden area and they also keep the darkness from creeping so close to the house at night. Are you interested in adding solar lights to your garden space? What reasons do you have for picking solar lights over other kinds?

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