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5 April Gardening Tips ...

By Aprille

Spring is the beginning of gardening season for most people. Granted, there are some places where snow is still on the ground during the month of April or at least a chance of snow in the forecast. However, there is still plenty to do to get ready for your gardening adventure this year, even if there is snow in your area. Here are 5 April gardening tips to get you started.

5 Till the Soil Once the Ground Thaws

As soon as you can get the ground turned over, go for it! You’ll want to till the soil right before you begin planting as well. Be sure to wait until the ground has dried out a bit before tilling the garden. If you are in too much of a rush, you’ll end up with the tiller and possibly your boots sunk into the fresh garden mud.

4 Add Plenty of Compost to Your Garden

You can place the compost directly on top of the soil in the garden space, but I prefer to till mine into the soil right away. Since I’m going to run the tiller right before I plant my flowers or veggies, I want to make sure the compost is thoroughly mixed in and a double tilling job seems to achieve this.

3 Get the Plant Markers Ready

I pick out my crops for the spring during the winter months. This gives me plenty of time to change my mind. By the time April rolls around, I’m able to design an accurate number of plant markers for all the types of seeds I’m going to plant.

2 Start Preparing the Mulch

My husband saves sawdust for me from his wood shop and I shred up newspapers, both to be used as mulch in the garden. If I don’t have enough of these two types of mulch, then I spend the month of April gathering more. I like to have plenty to get me through the initial planting session.

1 Check All Your Gardening Equipment

Before you really need all your gardening tools, it’s a good idea to make sure they are in working order. Repair or replace broken tools so that you aren’t at a loss in the middle of the season when you need them most.

I hope these tips are ones you can use. April is right around the corner! What preparations for the gardening season have you already made?

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