5 Reasons to Add Light to Your Garden ...

By Aprille

5 Reasons to Add Light to Your Garden ...

I like having a well-lit garden, but I also like the option to turn the lights off in it as well. A fantastic selection of solar lights for the garden can be purchased at any store the sells gardening supplies. I’ve added a few strands of twinkle lights to my garden before and this creates a whole new feel. Here are 5 reasons to add light to your garden, just in case you can’t decide if it’s a good thing to do or not!

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5 So You Can Enjoy the Garden at Night

Sure, you can sit in the middle of your garden in the dark, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the soft glow of a few dimly lit garden lights instead? Lights can be placed directly into the ground between plants, next to rocks, or running along the edge of a garden border.

4 For Pest Control

I’m not referring to small insects when I mention lights being used as pest control. I’m thinking of much larger wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and the neighbor’s dog. These larger animals tend to do a lot more damage than a bunch of small insects. Sensor lights are an excellent method to use for deterring these larger beasts.

3 To Make the Area More Festive

String up some brightly colored twinkle lights or festive lights that are shaped like chili peppers, hot air balloons, flowers, or stars. Lighting ideas such as these create the perfect atmosphere for a garden party.

2 For Safety Reasons

A garden can be a hazardous place to walk in or around during the evening hours. Placing lights along a garden pathway will provide you with enough light to see by so you don’t trip as you take a stroll.

1 To Add Character

Lights come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and some are even made to look like rocks or flowering trees which make a perfect addition to any garden. You can truly personalize your garden with different types of lighting.

One of the best parts about garden lights is that it is easy to change them. You don’t have to settle for a particular style of light. If you change your mind part way through the year, then it’s easy to change the lights for something new. Do you have lights in your garden?

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