5 Plants Safe for Cats ...


5 Plants Safe for Cats ...
5 Plants Safe for Cats ...

I love my plants, but I love my cats more. I know it’s my duty to protect my little furry friends since they aren’t always aware of all the dangers around them. There are quite a few house plants that are potentially fatal to cats. There are also lots of plants that are perfectly safe too. Here are 5 plants safe for cats.

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Baby Tears

The tiny leaves on these plants help to create dense foliage that cats are often attracted to. Thankfully, these plants aren’t hazardous to cats. It is a moss-like creeper that makes an excellent house plant or can be left to grow in the garden.



Whether you have a bamboo palm or vine, both of these are harmless to cats. My cats tend to like to gnaw on the leaves of my bamboo plant, so it’s good to know that they safely can. Beware of a type of plant called Heavenly Bamboo though. It is poisonous to pets.


Hen and Chicks

The small ‘chicks’ of these plants are always falling on the ground, which seems to entice the cats to bat them around the house. These succulent plants are safe for cats, so don’t feel the need to tackle your unsuspecting feline if you catch her playing with one of these tiny plants.


Grape Hyacinth

I love these little purple clusters of color that pop up in the garden during the springtime. It’s nice to know that they are safe for my cats, in case they are playing in the garden and ingest some of the tiny purple pieces that fall off when bumped.


Rabbits Foot Fern

These plants have rather fuzzy parts that cats like to play in. This fern is safe for cats, no matter how much they end up mauling it. I’ve even caught one of the kittens nestled in the middle of the fern taking a nap in the sun. It’s nice to know they can snack on and nap in this fern safely!

It always helps to know that a plant you are purchasing isn’t a potentially hazardous one for your cat. If you have cats that like to chew on everything green, then you might want to do a bit of research to make sure you are only buying cat-friendly plants. Do you have problems with your cats taste-testing all your plants? What do you do about this?

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