5 Tips on Caring for a Christmas Tree ...


5 Tips on Caring for a Christmas Tree ...
5 Tips on Caring for a Christmas Tree ...

I’m always surprised at how much it costs to buy a dead tree. It is often just as expensive as a live one, but of course the size difference between these two tends to be a lot different. As much as I dislike cutting down a perfectly good tree, I do feel a Christmas tree really makes it feel more like Christmas. Thankfully there are plenty of artificial trees manufactured nowadays. If you prefer to cut a live tree for your home, then these 5 tips on caring for a Christmas tree might come in handy.

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Get the Tree Set up Right Away

It’s best to set up the Christmas tree within the first few hours of bringing it into the house. Make sure to place something under the tree to make clean up easier later on, especially if you have carpet. I’ve found needles in the carpet for months after taking down the tree, despite vacuuming like a mad woman upon taking the tree outside!


Beware of Pets

Cats and dogs can both wreak havoc on innocent Christmas trees. Kittens love to see who can climb to the top the fastest, while older cats enjoy jumping on dangling ornaments. This type of activity can often result in a toppled over tree. I’ve had a hard time keeping the dog from drinking the water out of the tree stand too, so I had to put a tree skirt over the reserve tank under the tree.


Make Sure the Lights Are Cool Burning

I love waking up and seeing the Christmas tree all lit up in the living room. Thankfully most of the newer tree lights are cool-burning, so there is less chance of the tiny bulbs igniting my tree and turning it into a blazing torch. I still have a fear of the tree catching on fire, so I simply plug the lights in when I wake up in the morning.


Trim the Trunk when You Get Ready to Set the Tree up

Shaving off a small portion of the trunk is sometimes necessary to help the tree stand up straight in the tree stand. Taking off the dried out bottom part of the trunk will also allow the tree to wick moisture out of the water reserve in the tree stand, which keeps your Christmas tree looking nice.


Don’t Forget to Water It!

There’s no quicker way to have your Christmas tree turn brown than to deprive it of its water. Granted, the tree is an evergreen, so it might actually last as long as you need it to if you buy it the day before Christmas is to happen. If you want your tree to last until the New Year, make sure you keep it well watered.

I didn’t always live out in the woods like I do today. I’m thrilled when I get to decorate the outside trees for the birds, squirrels, and deer. Being able to have a Christmas tree without needing to cut one down is an option that I have now and sometimes choose to take. I don’t always have time to keep an indoor Christmas tree from becoming a safety hazard. How do you feel about having a Christmas tree indoors? Do you find them a lot of work and worth the time it takes to decorate them?

Top Photo Credit: Tim Stubbs

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