Plants to Keep around for Girls Needing More Positive Energy ...

By Eliza

Plants to Keep around for Girls Needing More Positive Energy ...

Houseplants can do so much more for you than simply add to your home decor. In addition to looking great, plants offer health and mental benefits that make them totally worth the care they require. I have plants in virtually every room of my house so I can tell you that the perks are real. Not only do plants provide fresher air in your home, but they can also boost your positivity and make you feel better about life in general. These are the plants you need to buy today.

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1 Choose Your Favorite Shade of Orchid

white, flower, still life photography, plant, flora, Orchids are absolutely beautiful so you won't have any trouble finding great places to scatter them throughout the rooms of your home. Not only will the beauty of the flowers put you in a good mood, but the scent will refresh and energize your brain, giving you a boost that can make the worries of the world melt away. Orchids are fairly easy to care for and will always put a smile on your face.

2 You Are Going to Love a Bamboo Plant

plant, flower arranging, floristry, produce, bamboo, Bamboo plants are really easy to take care of, which is a happiness perk in and of itself. Who wants a plant that requires more care than a pet or a baby? Bamboo is also said to be lucky so each time you glance at it, you'll feel great. It's easy to create an entire new bamboo plant by taking a cutting of the one you have and placing it in water until it grows new roots. Sharing the luck will also make you feel more positive.

3 Succulents Are Always a Happy Choice

plant, flower, land plant, flower arranging, floristry, Succulents are basically plants that hold their own water. Cacti are a good example, but they aren't the only options you have. In fact, there are plenty of succulents that are soft rather than being spiny. Many of them stay small in size, making them a great choice for smaller homes. They are cute and easy to take care of and who wouldn't get happy with that?

4 Aloe Vera is a Positive Plant

plant, land plant, flower, flowering plant, cactus, Not only can aloe vera be used to soothe sunburns, contact burns and skin irritation, but they'll also make you happier. Why? Because they are great for purifying the air in your house, which clears your brain and makes your body feel healthy. They're also beautiful to look at and simple to care for.

5 Spider Plant

plant, tree, botany, agave, land plant, I love spider plants! They regenerate themselves so you can grow the babies and put them all over your home. Spider plants have a unique shape and look that add to the decor of every room in your house. Spider plants are one of the best for improving your air quality as well.

6 Buy a Peace Lily Today

flower, plant, green, flora, botany, Just the name of this plant invites peace and positivity. Not only does the plant neutralize poor air quality, but it also encourages you to tap into your spiritual side and feel peace. The plant is easy to grow and will flourish in darker corners of your house. That makes you happy, right?

7 You Can't Live without a Money Plant

plant, flower, leaf, produce, land plant, Also called a golden pothos, the money plant is easy to take care of I know that will make you happy. It makes me happy! Plant lore says that having a money plant in a corner of your home reduces anxiety, stress and negative thinking. The plant is also said to bring you health and prosperity.

Do you have live plants in your home? Will you get some now that you've read this?

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That's not a Money Pllant. That's usually reserved for Pilea Peperomiidres, or Schefflwras, not a Pothos. In 25 yrs. in plants (& having given talks on Snake plants, Sansevierias), I've never heard this before, sorry.

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