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7 Ways to Get Cheap Plants ...

By Alison

Wondering how to get cheap plants? If you've just moved into a new house, and the garden needs some attention, it can be pretty expensive stocking it with plants. Well, you can create a beautiful garden at low cost if you know where to look. There are lots of sources of cheap flowers and shrubs, so here are some excellent ways to get cheap plants …

1 Grow from Seed

My first tip on how to get cheap plants is to get some packets of seeds. For a few dollars, you can potentially end up with dozens of plants. Of course, not all the seeds will germinate, and not all seedlings will flourish, but you'll still get plenty of plants that cost a few cents each. If you're nervous about growing from seeds, read up on ways to help them germinate - and see what happens!

2 Cuttings

If you're wondering how to get cheap plants, well free plants are even better! Taking cuttings is easy; for best results, dip them in rooting powder before potting. Cuttings can be taken from existing plants in your own garden, or begged from family or neighbours. Soon you'll have lots of bigger plants to stock your garden with - and all for free!

3 Sales

Do you live in an area where they have lots of fundraising sales for churches and schools? These are often a good source of bargain plants, and you can take away enough to plant up plenty of tubs or flower beds without spending a fortune. The bonus is that what you do spend will go to a good cause, so everybody benefits. This is one of the best ways to get cheap plants if you live in an area that takes gardening seriously as well.

4 Plug Plants

If you're nervous about growing plants from seeds, then look out for plug plants. These are trays of tiny plants, so the hard work of getting the seeds to germinate has been done for you. All you need to do is "pot them up" into larger pots, and wait for them to grow. Obviously they're not as cheap as seeds, but still cheaper than buying fully-grown plants.

5 Reduced Section

This is a really useful secret for finding cheap plants. Look out for reduced plants at your local DIY store, supermarket or garden centre. Often plants will be marked down because bits of them are dying, or some of the tray are not doing too well. Cut off any dead bits, weed out the seedlings in poor condition, and you will still have some good plants at well below their original price.

6 Freecycle

Gardeners should also look out on Freecycle for plants being given away. You may find cuttings, flowering plants or excess seedlings on offer. Sometimes people even give away larger plants that they no longer have room for. You can also put out a request for plants, but remember that it is seen as bad etiquette to make too many requests, so don't ask for anything too often.

7 Swap

If you try growing plants from seeds and end up with too many for your own use, then look for a fellow gardener to swap them with. Hopefully they won't have grown the same thing! It's an easy way to get free plants, so ask around at your local gardening club or chat with neighbours.

Once you know how to get cheap plants, you can keep your garden looking beautiful without spending lots of money. Do remember never to dig up wild plants, or take anything without asking! There are lots of ways to fill a garden at low cost, and you don't need a lot of equipment either. So gardening need not be an expensive hobby. If you're a gardener, have you found any creative ways to cram your garden with plants at low cost? If so, share your tips for finding cheap plants and flowers too!

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