7 Ways to Keep Your House Plants Healthy and Happy ...

By Jelena

7 Ways to Keep Your House Plants Healthy and Happy ...

The ways to keep your house plants healthy I’m going to mention below are all basic, easy to do things any plant enthusiast should know and have no problem adapting to. Trust me, having gorgeous, lush house plants isn’t a supernatural skill people are born with – anyone can do it! Leave the negativity at the door, stop thinking that all plants tend to sag a little bit lower in your presence and check out these tips for growing plants! I’m sure you’ll find at least one new way to keep your house plants healthy and get motivated to research further and care for your plants just a tiny bit better.

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1 Get Acquainted with Them

House plants are not heavy machinery, which often makes us forget that they, too, could be handled a lot better with the help of a few instructions. It’s one of those foolproof ways to keep your house plants healthy because, duh, if you can Google it – you can care for it! Care instructions, potential illnesses, best fertilizers, soil requirements…you’ll only need a handful of resources to know exactly what your plant may or may not need which, you’ll agree, doesn’t leave a lot of space for tricky experimenting and significantly lowers the risk of you killing the plant in the process.

2 Make Room for Adjustment

Good as they may sound, some care tips might not be ideal for your plant and… guess what? Sidestepping the rules and going with what your plant likes rather than what’s by the book is totally fine! Different climate and even care products and soil mixes people use will effect growing results, meaning that what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Your plant will tell or rather show you what it likes best, so simply pay attention to it and you’ll do great.

3 Repot like a Pro

If you’ve selected plants that are prone to root rot and parasites, you’d do well to remove all traces of old potting medium and inspect the roots before re-potting. Remove parasites, cut off rotten bits, treat the plant accordingly then re-pot into clean soil/potting medium – that should prevent all potential risks and help you have beautiful-looking, fast-growing, healthy plants.

4 Provide Plenty of Light

Most plants will look their best and feel happiest when they’re receiving plenty of light. Next of my tips for growing plants is, therefore, quite simple – arrange tougher plants closer to the windows while making sure the sensitive ones are still getting plenty of indirect light. They’ll bloom like crazy and produce tons of fresh, lush foliage!

5 Respect Their Resting Periods

Most plants will use winter months or any other time between two blooming periods to rest and prepare for the next round of color-me-pretty and the only way to keep your house plants healthy and happy in those times is to just leave them be. Would you feed a sleeping person? Well, unless you’re my grandma, I’d say the answer to that is “No.” Don’t feed your plants either. Re-pot them if necessary, water them sparingly and do your best to provide them with a spot that’s warm enough to prevent freezing yet still not too close to a heater.

6 Clean!

Could it really be? Should dusting your home involve plants, too? Well, yes…occasionally! Our little green friends attract dust too and won’t look or feel good with clogged pores. Lush, shiny green leaves make the job easier for you – just take a damp cloth and wipe each leaf (the plant will love this added moisture, as well). Other types of foliage are a bit trickier but still not impossible to clean – just mist or shower the plant here and there.

7 Feed and Protect

Last but not least, a popular and highly recommended way to keep your house plants healthy – feeding and pest control! Don’t forget to feed your plants from time to time and most definitely do not close your eyes to pests and other types of illnesses. Most plants can survive even without fertilizers but will prosper much faster with their help and, as for pests and other nasty stuff…well, not all of them can kill your plant, true enough, but they certainly hinder its growth.

Would you be interested to share a few tips for growing plants as well? Well, go ahead! The more, the merrier! Do you sing to your plants, talk to them or rely on good ole silent love and plenty of pampering?

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Also use miracle grow every month in the water!! Thanks

Anyone know about using Epsom salt as plant food? I would like to try it, but don't know ratios to plant size/type.

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