7 Amazing Gardening Tips for Caring for Roses ...

By Heather

7 Amazing Gardening Tips for Caring for Roses ...

Roses are one of my favorite flowers in the world, but do you know what gardening tips for roses are out there that will keep your roses looking oh-so-pretty and oh-so-fresh? I didn't, before I looked them up! If you've always had a black thumb for roses and are trying to find some basic gardening tips for roses, I've got them here! I've got all of the top gardening tips for you, so take a look and pay attention!

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1 Choose a Great Rose Bush

One of the best gardening tips for roses that you've got to take into account is all about choosing the right bush. This is where you've got to do your research and make sure that you are choosing a rose bush that is going to be easy to grow and that doesn't need a whole lot of extra treatment. There are some tips you've got to keep in mind for each and every rose bush that you get though, so remember that.

2 Needs at Least 6 Hours of Sunlight

With most rose bushes, you've got to make sure that they all have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sunlight. They need to have this light to really keep them healthy and to make sure that they look radiant all around. Trust me on this one, girls and guys; if your roses don't have enough sunlight, you'll notice it in the way that they look!

3 Water Regularly

Now, when I say regularly, that doesn't mean once a week. Depending on the rose bush that you get, you may need to water your beautiful roses every single day. I have roses right now that I water every other day (you'll read why!) and they look absolutely beautiful! Just keep an eye on what the directions for your particular roses have and you should be fine!

4 Prune

Did you know that you do actually have to prune the rose bushes you get? Sort of like a Bonsai tree, you've got to keep it all pruned and beautiful looking, otherwise your roses can wilt because they are providing too much energy into growing things that should have been pruned. I'd say about once a week is good enough, depending on the rose bush you get!

5 Don't Prune 6 Weeks before Frost

One note about pruning though, don't prune 6 weeks before frost is expected. Why? Well, it can actually lead to frost damage to your roses, which in turn can kill them. You want to make sure that you are just getting rid of the dead branches and that's all, but lay off if you are expecting frost.

6 Add Mulch

Mulch is something that will retain a bunch of water, so you won't have to worry about watering your rose bush as much if you have mulch. I have mulch around my rose bush and I only have to water it every other day, because the soil is really soft around it with the mulch.

7 Clean up Debris

Finally, you want to clean up any and all debris from the rose bush. You don't want your rose bush to become diseased or anything. Sometimes, you could be pruning some diseased branches and you don't want those getting right into the roots, right? So clean them up and throw them out!

Roses might seem a little difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to caring for roses, you'll be able to grow some fantastic bushes! So, have you ever grown roses before?

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Thanks Brianne!! That's good to know, I'm definitely pruning in the wrong places. The last bloom only yielded two buds

As a horticulturist, when it comes to pruning a rose bush - prune at every three leafettes for a new bloom. Prune at every five leafettes to make your shrub more bushy

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