8 Plants That Love the Shade ...


8 Plants That Love the Shade ...
8 Plants That Love the Shade ...

Plants that love shade are my biggest gardening challenge up to date and I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling to find nice-looking plants that won’t turn pale, leggy or grow all crooked in search of light. Well, I have good news for all of you fellow gardeners – turns out the list of possible choices is much longer than we could have guessed! So many cool plants for shady areas to check out and no reason to postpone it any further. Don’t you agree? Well, time to check out these beautiful plants that love shade.

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Iris Foetidissima

Iris Foetidissima First on my list of plants that love shade, this particular species of Iris will bloom in all its exotic beauty even in the areas that are way too shady for most other plants! Some find these quite uninteresting but you really shouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. Check them yourself, I’m sure some of you will find them as beautiful as I do. Blooming prettily is not the only thing that makes this plant worthy of growing – it’s super-hardy, evergreen and you’ll be happy to note that, once the flowers are gone, brightly colored berries show up, thus making the plant look totally awesome even well into winter.


Omphalodes Cappadocica

Omphalodes Cappadocica Ready to fall head over heels? Well, you should definitely check out this lovely plant! What does it remind you of? I’d say fairies! Definitely fairies! But gorgeous flowers such as these must want some special conditions, isn’t that right? Well, not really! This little beauty will thrive in both partial and full shade, as long as it has plenty of moisture.



Ruscus Looking for more plants for a shady area of your balcony or garden? Well, Ruscus might be exactly what you need. Also known as Butcher's Broom or Pettigree, this hardy evergreen plant actually happens to be a very popular choice amongst gardeners. Its lush green foliage and almost non-existent light requirements definitely have a lot to do with it but we shouldn’t forget those bright-red, round berries either, which are, by far, prettier and more unusual than most flowers.


Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Oh. My. Gosh. I used to love these as a girl! So pretty, so pink, so romantic! And so easy to grow in shade, as it turns out! Its light requirements drop as temperatures rise, which means that you can grow it in full sun during mild, not overly hot weather, then move it to a shady location over summer, letting some other, hardier plant take its place in the scorching heat.


Green and Blue-Leaved Hostas

Green and Blue-Leaved Hostas Well, well! Here’s one plant that loves the shade you may recognize easily! The two-toned, lush foliage definitely attracts attention and will continue to look amazing just as long as you keep it in deep shade. No wonder I keep seeing these in apartment buildings – it’s like the best way to make sure your empty, cold-looking hallway gets a touch of a homey atmosphere!


Astilbe Plant

Astilbe Plant Eye-catching is the word! But hey, you can use “deep shade tolerant” too, just in case that quality is higher up your list of priorities. You can’t go wrong either way, though, because this is one of the most perfect plants for a shady area you want to see looking all pretty! Plant it in a large pot if a shady balcony is the spot that needs some prettying up or choose that bare spot under a dense roof of tree tops because, duh, let’s face it, these places are often the saddest-looking ones in every garden. The plant in question is available in a wide variety of colors and will form a gorgeous, lush shrub with fern-like flowers poking out above – similar to lavender, I’d say, just much, much nicer!


Amethyst Flowers

Amethyst Flowers Oh, la la! Time to say hello to your next favorite bloom! Seriously, ladies – if you’re a fan of shabby chic, you shouldn’t let a trifling thing such as a lack of bright light mess with your interior decorating desires. Opt for these gorgeous, amethyst-colored Browallia hybrid annuals! They’ll look wonderful both indoors and outdoors and need only some warm shade to grow.


Amethyst flowers, also known as Browallia hybrids, are a popular choice for shabby chic style due to their beautiful amethyst color. These annuals thrive in warm shade, making them a perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are low maintenance and require minimal sunlight, making them a great choice for those with limited access to bright light. Amethyst flowers can be grown in containers or in the ground, making them a versatile option for any gardening space. Their delicate blooms add a touch of elegance to any room or garden, making them a favorite among gardeners and interior decorators alike.



Begonias Don’t go just yet, as I have one more plant that loves the shade! And you’re going to love it just as much as I do, I’m sure! And may I suggest a bright orangey-red one? The one with really dark, deep green leaves? Hop by the local flower shop and check it out – there are a lot more colors and hybrids to choose from and they aren’t a very sun-tolerant kind, I am told. Alas, that’s why I get to love them from afar only!

What do you say, lovelies? Will any of these plants find a place in your home? Or maybe you’ve got some other gorgeous plants for a shady area to share? Do tell!

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Orchids no?

I love this! I work in a garden center and I have my associates in Landscape Design and Management. Astilbes are my favorite shade perennial! Hostas, love them too however they are deer salad! If you want a shady shrub, check out Pieris "Dorthey Wycoff", my spelling maybe slightly off but it's a beautiful plant :)

My bleeding hearts that get 6-11 am sun then shade ,are three times as big as the one that only gets 2 hours of morning sun

No 8 where can I get it?

Oh yeah, deer ate my entire 75' long border next to my rocks one year. Bummer

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