7 Ways to Make Sure You Have an Organic Garden That You Can Be Proud of ...

By Heather

7 Ways to Make Sure You Have an Organic Garden That You Can Be Proud of ...

Whenever you are trying to garden, it's hard to figure out if you have an organic garden or not! My parents actually ripped up half of my childhood yard so that they could have an organic garden and they love it! Organic gardening is something that isn't hard to do – but you've just got to watch what you are putting into the soil and what you are using on the plants! So, you ready to see if your garden is organic? Let's take a look below, gals!

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1 Test Your Soil

One of the surefire ways to make sure that your garden is an organic garden is to test your soil. You can absolutely get a home testing kit so that you can actually see the breakdown of the nutrient levels and the pH balance. You want to test your soil before the winter, so that you can really get a good reading!

2 Compost

Oh, compost is definitely a must when you are going organic! A compost pile is a great way to really give your soil the best vitamins and to really allow your veggies and fruits to grow beautifully! It's not hard to start a compost pile, you've just got to be committed to it. That's the biggest problem that I have! I am never committed to it!

3 Choose the Right Plants

Ah, the plants that you choose are so, so important. You want to choose plants that will thrive on the organic way. Things like morning glories, sweet peas, squash, cucumbers and even sunflowers and dill plants are all great for the organic gardening!

4 Wide Beds

No matter what, whenever you are gardening and you are looking to garden above ground, you've really got to make sure that you are doing wide, wide beds. You don't want beds that are a. too close together and b. that are going to be so narrow you can only fit a few plants in there. You want beds that make sense and you want to build them wider!

5 Water in the Mornings

One of the biggest things that you've got to know about gardening in general is that you should be watering all of the plants in the morning. Why is this? The roots are more open and you have a better chance of the water actually staying in the soil versus leaking out. So, before the heat hits, water in the morning!

6 Pull out Weeds

Of course, as with any garden, including an organic one, you've got to make sure that you pull out all of the weeds and you keep your plants in a happy and healthy place. I just did this with my cucumber plants and they are growing so much better now!

7 No Pesticides

Finally, the key to having a completely organic garden is no pesticides. Just because bugs come out from everywhere doesn't mean that you've got to reach for the chemicals. Instead, ditch the chemicals and go with something that is all natural and something that will truly keep the bugs away.

So gals, these are just a couple of the organic gardening tips that I have! Have you ever tried to grow a garden? Have you tried to go organic? Share your tips!

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