9 Wonderful Ways to Make Your Yard Aesthetically Pleasing ...

By Lane

9 Wonderful Ways to Make Your Yard Aesthetically Pleasing ...

The exterior of your home says a lot about your personal style, which is why it's vital to learn the nine wonderful ways to make your yard aesthetically pleasing. By creating a wondrous yard design, you avail yourself with a tranquil oasis where you can collect your thoughts and relax. Natural beauty is not only pleasing to the eye, but also generates positive energies that promote overall well-being and balance. To achieve these goals and provide you with an exceptional backdrop for your next outdoor event, let's learn the nine wonderful ways to make your yard aesthetically pleasing.

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1 Adding Texture

Adding Texture Among the most effective ways to make your yard aesthetically pleasing is to add texture. You can accomplish this easily by including plants and flowers with alternating patterns. To restore balance within your yard, establish the pattern or flow of your garden. You can include fine-textured plants with smaller leaves into a preferred shape and surround them with more medium-textures with fuller leaves and foliage.

2 The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance Most home exteriors have a deck or patio that leads to the garden or landscaping design. Since this will become your impressive oasis, why not make it more enchanting. You can utilize any structure of your choice to create a doorway that leads to your yard. You can create this door with arches, benches, or even tall shrubs. To make it completely unique you could sculpt the shrubs into large flower or animal shapes, that appeal to you.

3 Fine Furnishings

Fine Furnishings As you design your yard, you should select outdoor furnishings that are comfortable but also tie into your theme for your design. If you're working on a budget, it's possible to find stellar furnishings through thrift and second-hand stores. You can alter these pieces to match your preferences at low costs. As an Audrey Hepburn fan, I once had a claw-footed tub cut to resemble her living room furniture in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." I utilized simple forms found at a local craft store to make beautiful cushions for seating. For this task, be creative and have fun!

4 Island Paradise

Island Paradise Among the many attributes of island-based vacation destinations that draw in visitors are waterfalls. Believe it or not, it is really easy to make your own. All you need is a water pump designed for this purpose, some river rocks and something to brace it. You can create your own shape and add foliage around the rocks to add to its appeal. To prevent fluctuations in your power bill, you can choose water pumps that operate on batteries.

5 Include Structure and Height

Include Structure and Height Structures such as columns and archways are a great way to add depth to your yard. They are inexpensive selections that you can increase their appeal by adding climbing plants. These plants require very little maintenance. As they grow around these structures, it presents shade in the right areas of your yard and gives it a more whimsical feel. I have seen friends utilize these structures to create mini labyrinths that are amazing and didn't present a high initial cost to design.

6 Choosing Color

Choosing Color The primary factor to consider is compatibility with colors. Some plants are unpredictable and may present you with an alternative color than you prefer. Your best bet is to find potential matches that complete overall design without presenting a hindrance. Colors that clash can lessen the appeal of your yard. For this reason, you should review all possibilities before making a final decision. Examine the colors included in your furnishings and structures while you select your color scheme.

7 Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Annuals are a beneficial option for a yard design. They bloom each year like clockwork and are not high maintenance. You can choose through a vast assortment of flowers and foliage that fall into this category. They range in height and texture, which allow you to include them into your design without losing balance. The larger annuals such as amaranthus are exceptional for adding depth around the grand entrance of your yard. They also self-seed which is another bonus.

8 Simple, Not Overwhelming

Simple, Not Overwhelming The key to an aesthetically pleasing yard is balance. When you begin this design try to balance all of its elements. If you have too many elements in one place, it can hinder the design's overall appeal. When you place items into their temporary positions, you can sit in the middle of this design to determine what works. It allows you to determine if you should move any plants to another section. You can also take pictures of each area and print them to look at each section more objectively.

9 Eliminate Pests

Eliminate Pests Mosquitoes often prevent the overall enjoyment of your yard. However, you can combat them without loud smelling candles or repellents. By planting variegated scented geraniums, you can repel these pests naturally. The plants have an appealing fragrant which is enjoyable to us, but runs off those annoying blood suckers. Strategically, place these plants throughout your yard. This allows you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing and bug-free environment.

Planning your yard design ahead of time provides you with ample time to receive exactly what you want. It allows you to include the elements that are most appealing to you. What are some concepts you have used in a yard design that made it more aesthetically pleasing?

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Annuals lost lay come back yearly in Zone 8 and up. It depends on where you reside. Annuals are too beautiful and hardworking not to consider using in your garden. Even if you live in a cold state, it's worth it.

Perennials self seed and bloom annually. Annuals are just that, a one year plant although some,if lucky,will seed.

Good article.

Annuals usually.....meant to say, sorry.

As far as number 7 goes, annuals actually die after one season and must be replanted every year. If you want something that comes back on its own, you need a perennial.

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