7 Top Gardening Tips for Fall ...

By Rosalina

7 Top Gardening Tips for Fall ...

If you have a garden, then you might be looking for gardening tips for fall. These top tips will hopefully help to keep your garden looking rosy as we enter the cooler months of the year. I was initiated into the Green Fingered Brigade quite recently and we now have a wonderful garden full of evergreen and beautiful flowers. It does take a little time and TLC, but it's totally worth it when your garden is blooming and you can sit back and admire the fruits of your labour. It's great exercise and getting back to nature is therapeutic too! Here are some of my gardening tips for fall.

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1 Looking Forward

To keep a garden looking beautiful requires a little effort, but it's worth it. Much of the work you do is about preparing for the future of your shrubs and flowers and ensuring that they keep blooming at their best year after year. For example, camellias and rhododendrons will need to be kept moist so that you can enjoy their beautiful flowers in the spring. This is one of my top gardening tips for fall.

2 Cutting Back

To ensure beautiful fresh foliage and more flowers from your gorgeous geraniums, you will need to cut them back to ground level. Then apply a sprinkling of general fertilizer and water them.

3 Feeding

Remember, your plants need feeding too. If you have any container plants they will need some feeding in September to ensure you have vibrant displays of flowers until the first frosts hit.

4 Planting and Pruning

September is also the time when you will be thinking about what to plant next. Whilst tulips can be left until November, September is the time to plant crocuses, daffodils, alliums, erythroniums and muscari. You should be thinking about pruning too, but be careful where pruning clematis is concerned. I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to get a little bit carried away. There is the danger of removing some of next year's growth if you prune too much though. Only prune your clematis if they're spreading too much.

5 Gorgeous Gladioli

When these gorgeous flowers have finished flowering, one of the things you will need to do is lift and clean the corms. These should then be stored for planting in the spring so that you can enjoy another bloom next year. You could risk leaving them in the ground but this might not lead to a beautiful bloom next year.

6 Roses

Roses are my favorite flower and they need a little care and attention to ensure you can enjoy their flowers and gorgeous scent year after year. Give them a final deadheading when the flowers have faded, and shorten any tall stems. Deadheading encourages repeat flowering. By the middle of September, rambler roses and weeping standards will need some pruning too.

7 Lovely Lawn

If you want to ensure you have a vibrant lawn then don't neglect the grass. As summer draws to a close, apply a lawn feed which contains phosphates and potash. This will need to be applied two days after mowing and if it doesn't rain within two days, it will need to be watered.

Gardening is a great hobby and you learn so much about flowers and shrubs. It's rewarding to see your flowers bloom year after year and it can be addictive. Do you have any other fall gardening tips to help your garden grown?

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