7 Reasons Gardening is Good for You ...

By Alison

7 Reasons Gardening is Good for You ...

What are the reasons gardening is good for you? If you've always thought that gardening is a hobby for older people, perhaps you should give it a try. It's a rewarding and relaxing pursuit, and you can enjoy the results of your efforts. Here are just some of the reasons gardening is good for you …

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1 Exercise

One of the reasons gardening is good for you is that it's a very good way of getting exercise. You won't need to go to the gym if you get a workout in your garden! Half and hour gardening a couple of times a week will not only keep your garden in shape, but yourself as well. Be careful to kneel by bending your knees, not at the waist, as doing the latter may hurt your back.

2 Contact with Nature

We don't often have much contact with nature in our modern world, so getting out into your garden can be a great way of reconnecting with the natural world. You'll see all kinds of creatures in your garden as you work; look carefully and you'll see some of the insects (but hopefully not the kind that will eat your plants!). Grow the right kind of plants and you can watch birds as they come for a feed.

3 Grow Your Own

Are you concerned about pesticides and the quality of the food that we eat? Growing your own fruit and vegetables ensures that you can eat organic produce that couldn't be any fresher. When you want some veggies you can just go out into the garden and pick them, or freeze them ready for when you want them.

4 Satisfying

There's also something very satisfying about gardening. You can see the results of your work, and create something beautiful to look at. Just think how lovely it will be to sit in your garden and admire the flowers on a sunny day. Perhaps you've just moved into a new house and inherited a neglected garden - have the satisfaction of bringing it back to life.

5 Stress Relief

If you're feeling stressed and fed up, take it out on your garden. Not only will you get some exercise, but also relieve your feelings of stress. Some doctors believe that gardening is a great therapy and recommend it for their patients. Thomas More said that 'the soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden', so give your soul a much-needed boost!

6 Fresh Air & Vitamin D

Most of us spend all day cooped up in our offices and don't get much fresh air. Doing some gardening is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and a healthy dose of fresh air. Although you should be careful not to get too much sun, we do need some vitamin D; it helps you absorb calcium and keep your bones strong.

7 Mood Boost

Finally, being in a garden can be a brilliant mood boost. Looking at the beauty of nature, listening to the birds and enjoying the sun can be some of the best therapy if you're feeling a bit low. So the next time you're in a downbeat mood, head into your garden and try some gardening therapy!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, and if you have kids you can teach them how to look after plants as well. Have you ever visited an amazing garden?

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Nothing like popping outside the kitchen door during a cooking dinner and picking fresh herbs you have grown yourself.! Yes,the Kirstenbosch gardens at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town are stupendous!

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