7 Tips for Patio Gardens ...

By Heather

7 Tips for Patio Gardens ...

If you don’t have room for a garden, no worries because there are some simple tips for patio gardens you can use instead. Patio gardens are excellent ways to bring the garden right outside your backdoor, and they’re also easier to care for. They are perfect for apartment dwellers with patios, or even someone in a city with minimal space outside their backdoor. If you live in a larger home you can also benefit from a few tips for patio gardens. They take the guesswork out of learning to garden by keeping plants in potted containers instead of planting them in the ground. Just be sure to follow the tips below to have the ultimate success!

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1 Buy Quality Pots

Buy Quality Pots One of the most important tips for patio gardens is to buy quality pots. You want to look for containers made of thick material that can withstand multiple weather circumstances, and that have drainage holes.

2 Buy Multiple Sizes

Buy Multiple Sizes It’s also a good idea to buy multiple sizes of pots for your patio garden. You can use small pots to start your seedlings or small plants and transfer them to larger pots as they grow. Then you can plant more seeds in the smaller containers all over again, to start new plant growth.

3 Be Mindful of the Sun

Be Mindful of the Sun It’s important to pay attention to what type of sun your patio gets. Does it get early morning sunlight? Late afternoon sunlight? Certain plants depend on different types of sunlight and will grow better in their own optimal sun conditions. Know what type of sun your patio gets before you purchase your plants.

4 Don’t Water Too Much

Don’t Water Too Much It can be tempting to walk outside and water all your patio plants each day when you get home, but I’d advise you not to. You want to let them “do their own thing.” If a plant starts to wilt, then perhaps give it a bit more water, but if the leaves are yellow, you’re over-watering it and not allowing it to thrive on its own.

5 Don’t Buy Too Much

Don’t Buy Too Much It can be tempting to buy a lot of plants to put on your patio, but I’d advise you don’t. First, it can get overwhelming, and secondly, it can look crowded. Stick with three to start off with, then progress as you feel more comfortable.

6 Herbs Work Great

Herbs Work Great Herbs are one of the easiest and best things you can grow on your patio garden. Though you can technically keep them in your window inside, they do great on a patio too, especially in spring or summer.

7 Consider Crate Boxes

Consider Crate Boxes If you don’t have the money to invest in pots and containers, consider crate boxes. You can get them from the grocery store in the produce section, or ask a local farmer’s market if they have any to spare. Crates have natural drainage and make excellent patio plant containers in a pinch.

Gardening without a garden is quite simple with a few tips for patio gardens like these. There are also multiple types of plants you can buy and ideas for decorating your patio however you prefer. No gardening hoses needed! Over time you'll find out which plants work best for your area of living and your personal gardening style, so you'll have the ultimate patio garden success! Do you have a patio garden? If so, what’s your best tip?

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