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7 Purifying Plants for Your Home ...

By Diana

Did you know that purifying plants for your home are a necessity rather than a luxury? Sometimes, the indoor air is far more polluted than the outdoor air, especially in colder seasons, when we crank up the heating and keep windows and doors closed to stay warm. These purifying plants for your home can clean up the space and bring a breath of fresh air.

1 Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraIf you’re looking for purifying plants for your home that are easy to grow and maintain, aloe vera might be right for you. This succulent cleans up formaldehyde and benzene, so if you’re using chemical-based cleaners or if you’ve recently painted a room, this plant will help to purify the air. It’s best to put this plant near a window, where it can get lots of sun.

2 Gerber Daisy

Gerber DaisyThe gerber daisy is a bright plant with beautiful flowers. It needs lots of light, so make sure you place it close enough to a window. The gerber daisy is especially effective at removing the chemicals that you may bring home from your dry cleaning, but it’s also perfect for removing benzene. These plants are great for your laundry room or any room close to your wardrobe.


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3 Snake Plants

Snake PlantsIt may not seem like your bathroom needs a plant to purify the air, but it definitely does. The snake plant is good for removing chemicals that are found in some skin care products, paper tissue and toilet paper. The best part about the snake plant is that it doesn’t need much light and it will do well in steamy, humid conditions.

4 Chrysanthemum

ChrysanthemumIf you’re interested in having plants in your home, but prefer some color, the chrysanthemum is perfect for you. They brighten up the room instantly and filter out benzene, found in plastic and cleaning detergents. Place the chrysanthemum by the window, as it needs direct sunlight in order for the flower buds to open.

5 Warneck Dracaena

Warneck DracaenaIf you have lots of space, the warneck dracaena is the plant you want to have, because with a potential height of 12 feet, it’ll need the space. This plant is easy to grow inside and doesn’t need much sunlight, so it can fit right into one of the corners of the room. It combats pollutants that are found in varnishes and oils.

6 Chinese Evergreen

Chinese EvergreenThe performance of the Chinese evergreen improves over time, and it helps to filter out many different air pollutants. This plant doesn’t need much light, so place it anywhere you like. Additionally, it will produce blooms and red berries over time.

7 Peace Lily

Peace LilyThis beautiful plant needs a lot of shade and a bit of water once per week. Now doesn’t that sound easy? According to a study by NASA, the peace lily is one of the best plants to improve air quality. It cleans out formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, which can be found in wooden furniture. The beautiful flowers that the peace lily produces give your room a sweet accent.

As you’re comfortable in the space of your own home, you usually don’t think about the air quality. Poor air quality comes rather easily, as chemicals can come from your furniture and cleaning products. Having one or more purifying plants in your home can aid the air quality and your health. Do you have one of these plants in your home?

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