7 Vegetables You Can Eat then Regrow ...

By Lauren

7 Vegetables You Can Eat then Regrow ...

Buying vegetables you can eat then regrow is the ultimate in green food behaviour.It’s a great practice that is worthy in many ways. Put your yard space or back garden to good use with these vegetables you can eat then regrow.

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1 Carrot Greens (tops)

Carrot Greens (tops) When you’re next cutting up vegetables, remember that carrot tops are just one of the vegetables you can eat then regrow. Chop the top off and place it in a dish with a touch of water. As long as you put the dish into some sunlight, you will grow tasty and healthy carrot greens. When grown, try adding them to a batch of vegetable stock, or sautéing them down with some onions as a great soup base.

2 Bok Choy

Bok Choy Bok Choy is very simple to regrow. All you need to do is place the root of the vegetable into some water for a couple of weeks. After two weeks or so, take the plant out and put it into some soil to grow a full new head! You can effectively have never-ending Bok Choy with this simple tip.

3 Mushrooms

Mushrooms Not everyone enjoys eating the stalks from mushrooms, so you might want to have a shot at regrowing them. Remove the head (and eat it!), then plant the stalk in some soil and put it into a cool, damp environment. You might not have success at first, as they can be a bit of a pain to grow, but you should find that at least a few of your stalks have sprouted new mushroom heads.

4 Onions

Onions The great thing about onions is not just that they are tasty, and ridiculously versatile, but they are incredibly easy to grow. Chop the root end off of the onion and plant it outside. Onions will grow in almost all climates, so you just need to wait until you have a fully-grown new onion to eat.

5 Garlic

Garlic If you’re like me, you will get through enough garlic every year to keep every vampire in the world at bay. You might not know, however, that garlic is a great vegetable to regrow. Chop off the bitter green shoots which sometimes appear on older garlic bulbs, and place them in a glass of water. Although they won’t grow new bulbs, they will form shoots which have a mild garlic flavor and work especially well in pasta or garlic sauces. It might not be a replacement for your garlic buying habits, but it can add something a bit different to your meals.

6 Scallions

Scallions I always find that my scallions come in bunches too large to use all at once, and so I’ve learned how to regrow scallions at home. Chop most of the green ends off, and put the white bulb part into some water. Within a few days you will have a fully regrown scallion to enjoy. They’re one of the simplest vegetables you can eat then regrow on this list, so give it a go.

7 Ginger

Ginger If you have some time to invest in regrowing vegetables at home, you might want to try regrowing ginger. As with onions, just place your rhizome in some soil and wait. But you will need lots of patience – ginger can take almost a year before it become harvestable. However you can get a whole new bulb from a small offcut that you didn’t want to use, so it’s worth doing!

Until you grow your own vegetables it’s hard to imagine the reward harvesting the little crop that you nurtured can bring. The first bite of something you grew is priceless.

Do you grow your own produce? What do you harvest each year?

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