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Spring flowers are everywhere right now, whether you see them popping up in your yard or you look for them at the florist or grocery store. For me, having fresh flower arrangements in my home is a sign that spring has finally arrived and warm weather is on its way. If you’re the same, you might be wondering which spring flowers to include in your bouquets. Really, you can mix and match them any way you want to. But, here are my seven favorite spring blooms to get you started.

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Tulips Not only are tulips my favorite of the many spring flowers available, but they happen to be my all-time favorite flower. I love the many colors, and grouping them is so fun. I have lots of tulips in my yard and I like to give them some time to grace my flowerbeds, but then I enjoy snipping them so I can finish enjoying them on my kitchen table. Tulips of any color work for a bouquet. There’s something elegant about a single color palette, but mixing all your favorites is fun too.



Daffodils I can’t get enough daffodils! Their sunny yellow color makes me cheerful and is so easy to mix and match with other blooms. I think daffodils look great grouped in the front of an arrangement because they tend to hang down a bit. Place them against a backdrop of taller flowers and you have a beautiful bouquet for anywhere in your house.



Crocuses The thing I like about crocuses is that they are a smaller bloom, which makes them perfect for shorter arrangements. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation across the table with someone when a tall bouquet is blocking the view. Crocuses solve that dilemma, but are also ideal for sprucing up small places, such as a side table or bathroom countertop.



Foxglove If you prefer your flower arrangements to make an impact, foxglove is the choice for you. It boasts beautiful thimble shaped blooms up and down the stalks. It’s available in many colors so you can customize your color palette for a wedding or baby shower with ease. Choose from peach, white, pink and purple.



Hyacinths These purple wonders are perfect for filling out empty spaces in a bouquet. Larger than baby’s breath, but similar in composition, hyacinths add color, scent and good looks to any bouquet. They’re perfect for a bride or to grace the tables for brunch with your favorite people.



Peonies Is there anything better than a peony? Not much, if you ask me. These large, elegant looking blooms are perfect for a stunning bouquet that will get you lots of compliments. A single peony makes for a great centerpiece in a bouquet, but a small grouping of them is even more wonderful. You can use them closed into buds and after they open, so peonies are a good choice if you want versatility and beauty.



Lilacs There’s nothing like the wafting scent of lilacs to let us know spring has arrived, am I right? If you’re looking for a bloom that’s both classic and beautiful, look no further than a big bunch of lilacs. Not only will the smell blow you away with its wonderfulness, but the purple color of lilacs makes it simple to include in any spring bouquet.

What’s your favorite spring flower? Do you grow them in your yard or buy them at the store?

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Peonies are so beautiful I just wish they weren't so expensive and had a longer season!

Great post and lovely flowers! However, isn't the "peony" actually a persian buttercup?

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