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The Best Houseplant for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Isn’t it weird that, at some point, we all reach a stage in our adult maturity when all of a sudden we feel the need to fill our homes with houseplants? In my opinion, at least, owning and taking care of houseplants is the sign of true adulthood and independence! However, it’s important to know that not all houseplants are suited to all people, that’s if you believe in the power of astrology anyway. Here is the best houseplant for your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

flower, plant, white, flowering plant, flora, You need a plant that is as strong, sturdy yet stylish as you are, and nothing fits that particular bill better than a classic white orchid.

2 Taurus

plant, cactus, flowerpot, hedgehog cactus, flowering plant, You are totally stable, practical and persistent. It really takes a lot to bring you down, and that is why the humble cactus is your houseplant soul mate!

3 Gemini

furniture, shelving, shelf, table, picture frame, You are a fast mover with something of a split personality, so something that grows quickly in a sort of haphazard fashion suits you well. Look no further than the traditional philodendron!

4 Cancer

plant, flowerpot, leaf, vase, houseplant, You a classic water sign, sensitive, and loving, always striving to provide comfort and safety for your loved ones. A beautiful peace lily is something that represents you really well.

5 Leo

plant, flowerpot, interior design, furniture, houseplant, As a Leo, you need something that is as bold, dramatic and attention-stealing as you are, so the height and presence of the fiddle leaf fig tree is definitely something matches your own personality!

6 Virgo

plant, flowerpot, aloe, vase, You want something that everybody is familiar with, but still displays a little bit of your unique style and personality, and when it comes to unconventional but well known, the aloe vera plant is king.

7 Libra

plant, flowerpot, cactus, houseplant, aloe, You need something that is super low maintenance, because you have a busy social life to maintain! The snake plant is perfect for you, because it stays looking its best with minimal care!

8 Scorpio

plant, tree, arecales, palm tree, flowerpot, If it’s not going to make a statement, a Scorpio isn’t interested, it’s as simple as that! They take a little bit of work to keep, but you absolutely need a classic palm tree!

9 Sagittarius

flower, plant, passion flower family, passion flower, flora, You are someone who always needs that bit extra in every element of life, so no normal houseplant is going to cut it. How about the passion flower? The vibrant colours alone are enough to make you fall in love.

10 Capricorn

plant, leaf, flowerpot, houseplant, plant stem, You like to keep things simple and sophisticated, but want something that is going to make your room look alive. A Chinese Evergreen will do the trick.

11 Aquarius

tableware, vegetarian food, vegetable, herb, glass bottle, You are passionate about being experimental and innovative in everything that you do, so why not indulge in a little whimsy with a really cool air plant!

12 Pisces

bonsai, tree, plant, houseplant, flowerpot, You need something that you can keep tinkering with, something that will allow you to indulge your creative side. There isn’t a plant much more indulgently creative than a classic Juniper bonsai tree!

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