9 Healing Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden or Home ...

One amazing thing about gardening is it gives you access to a huge variety of healing plants that you can grow right in your own yard. There's no need to search out pricey supplements and store bought versions of healing plants. Instead, just grow your own! Once you invest in the seeds, all they need is a little water, sun, and lots of love! These healing plants below are some of the most potent foods in nature, and they can all be found at most gardening stores year round. Start them out in small containers with a drainage hole, either indoors or out. It’s best to plant them in a window box or on a kitchen window. When they have grown at least 6 inches in height, it might be a good idea to transfer them to a bigger pot where they can produce more growth and have room to breathe. These healing plants are also great for cooking, so as a bonus, they might just take your meals up a couple notches too!

1. Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is well known reputation as the most powerful of all healing plants. Aloe vera is an incredibly alkaline plant that can help everything from inflammation to IBS. The inner gel of the leaves can be used internally or externally. Aloe vera is also easy to care for since it is a member of the cactus family. You’ll want to keep it in partial sunlight, and indoors. You also only need to water aloe once every month since it does not like a lot of water.

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