7 Flowering Plants That Might Be Aggravating Your Allergies ...

Whether you have pollen allergies, seasonal hay fever, or you just suffer from allergies in general, you are going to want to be sure you know about certain flowering plants that upset sensitive individuals. When spring arrives each year, everyone gets excited over all the gorgeous plants, full of life and bloom. Even if we don’t know a thing about them, we buy them with zest and zeal, just aching to enjoy their beauty all season long. In the meantime, with our abundance of new flowers to look at and care for, we also find ourselves sneezing away, sniffling about, and scratching our itchy eyes as a result. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there are many plants that won’t upset your allergies at all, but certain flowering plants are known to cause issues for most people. Find out what those are so you don’t suffer this year out of excitement for a new season of beautiful flowers in your garden.

1. Roses

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Let’s start with one of the most popular, yet most known flowering plants for causing allergies. Roses are everyone’s favorite it seems, but along with their beauty and wonderful scent, come a tremendous allergic reaction for many.

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