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Historically fresh herbs have been used for seasoning dishes, keeping linen fresh, adding to the taste of meats and other purposes most of which have become redundant thanks to newer technologies and dried varieties being available in stores. However growing a few herbs in your kitchen garden is quickly becoming a popular hobby for cooking aficionados and gardening buffs. If you are considering setting up your own kitchen garden, here are 8 essential herbs that should find a place in your garden.

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Oregano Image source: letsgetridofny

Oregano is also called wild marjoram and is extremely easy to grow. It easily finds roots in even poor soil and grows to height of 2 feet tall. It is a strong easy to maintain hardy plant and once it sprouts you can use the leaves to flavor pizza or a steak. If you preserve dried leaves, you can obtain oregano powder as well.



Thyme is another perennial herb, which is relatively easy to grow and look after. The stems are short, usually not more than 10 inches tall. The leaves are extremely aromatic and even after drying retain their flavor and aroma. You can add thyme to a variety of dishes including clam chowder and slow cooked beef stews.



Basil is a more tender herb to grow and requires care particularly against winter frost. It sprouts white flowers, which grow in little spikes over bright green broad leaves. Basil is used in a variety of Italian pastas and dishes in fresh and dried forms. You can even freeze it as this retains a lot of the aroma and flavor.



Rosemary Image source: carine-olivia.com

Rosemary is a hardy shrub of a plant that grows well throughout the year as long as temperatures do not get too low. Fresh rosemary leaves sprinkled on a roast or in a salad is an excellent seasoning. If the temperature during winter prevents it from growing, keep a few sprigs aside and freeze them for use later.



This herb is the most popular one, used in almost all kinds of dishes as seasoning or garnishing. It is a strong leafy plant and grows well from a seed. The leaves of parsley are extremely flavorful and aromatic so cut them just as they reach an appropriate size.



Chives are an excellent addition to your herb garden as they add a subtle flavor to popular dishes like omelets and potato salads. They grow to about 10 inches tall and are extremely easy to maintain. The most work you will have to do is divide them when they get too bushy. The leaves can be used fresh or dried.

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