5 Tips on Keeping Bugs out of the Garden ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Keeping Bugs out of the Garden ...

I don’t know about you, but I really could do without all the bugs that continue to munch on my veggies. I try hard to not break down and buy a bunch of toxic pesticides to rid my vegetables of unwanted insects. 5 tips on keeping bugs out of the garden are listed below. Each one is completely natural.

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5 Cutworms

In the past, I’ve fought hard to protect my tomato plants from cutworms. I learned this trick from an old farmer up the road; place a wooden shish kabob stick right next to the tomato plant’s stem. The addition of the skewer makes the stem too large for the cutworm to get around.

4 Aphids

These bugs tend to be present on a variety of plants. Sometimes the best way to get rid of them is by ordering a slew of lady bugs and releasing them directly into your garden. You can also try planting specific crops to attract lady bugs naturally. These include; dill, yarrow, scented geraniums, and cilantro.

3 Cabbage Worm

No cabbage is safe with these worms around. Spiders and yellow jackets are good at eating these, but there is an alternative if you still find cabbage worms in your garden. There are sprays that contain natural bacteria from the soil and are excellent for getting rid of these worms without toxins.

2 Cucumber Beetle

Not only are cucumber plants affected by these beetles, but also a variety of other squashes. Lady bugs and spined soldier bugs can be purchased from suppliers. These two insects devour the eggs of the cucumber beetle in no time at all.

1 Colorado Potato Beetle

If you don’t have potatoes, these beetles will go for tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. They hibernate in the soil, so mulching with straw will slow their movement from the soil to the plant. Digging a trench between plants and lining it with plastic will also trap adults and save the plants.

If you want to get rid of bugs, but worry about adding toxins to your garden, then try some of the tips I mentioned above. Do you already have a method of getting rid of bugs that isn’t toxic? How well does it work?

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