Here's What You Can Plant Right Now to Get You in a Summer Mood ...

By Eliza

Here's What You Can Plant Right Now to Get You in a Summer Mood ...

Summer is definitely on its way! You can feel it in the warmer temps and the longer days. Whether you have a big yard or just a tiny patio, now is the time to plant some things that will get you in the mood for long summer nights spent sipping margaritas outside. Here’s everything you should be planting right now for a summer of lovely blooms and delicious eats.

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1 Any and All Type of Tomato

Any and All Type of Tomato Mid-May to the end of May is a great time to plant your tomatoes. If you haven’t started seeds indoors, that’s perfectly fine because you can buy plants at most garden stores. Tomatoes need a good trellis because they get tall and they’ll break under the weight of the tomatoes if they aren’t supported. You can grow tomatoes in the ground or in containers on your patio. They make perfect summer salads!

2 Petunias in All Shades of the Rainbow

Petunias in All Shades of the Rainbow Petunias are one of my all-time favorite summertime flowers. They are annuals so they won’t come back every year, but they will sure look gorgeous while they last. You can plant petunias in flower beds in your front and back yard or put them in hanging pots to adorn your patio. Wherever you put them, now is the time to stock up on petunias.

3 Everyone’s Favorite Veggie – Cucumbers

Everyone’s Favorite Veggie – Cucumbers Here’s another veggie you can plant now even if you didn’t start seeds inside. I love to plant a couple of cucumber plants every year because they taste great fresh in a tossed veggie salad, but you can also turn them into pickles that you can eat all winter long. Pickling cucumbers are great, but you can also plant any type you love right now.

4 All Varieties of Peas and Beans

All Varieties of Peas and Beans Both peas and beans are veggies you can preserve and store for winter. They are super easy to take care of and are healthy too. Most types are vining plants so you’ll need some stakes or a trellis for support. Beans and peas are pretty hardy plants and can hold up to having pets or kids in the garden.

5 Annuals – if They’ve Already Grown into Plants

Annuals – if They’ve Already Grown into Plants In general, fall is the best time to plant new bulbs. However, if you can find annuals that have already sprouted, now is the time to get them in the ground. I recently bought a really beautiful bunch of tiger lilies that already had flowers. I had to plant them in the warm months so they didn’t die. Plant the sprouted ones now, but save the bulbs for September.

6 Bell Peppers in Any Shade or Hue

Bell Peppers in Any Shade or Hue Peppers of any type can go in the ground right now. My favorite are bell peppers because they are tasty right off the plant, but also work well in salads or roasted with potatoes for a side dish. Try a plant in all the colors – red, green, yellow, orange, even purple. You will love having fresh veggies all summer long. Now is also the time to plant serranos, anchos, jalapenos and habaneros.

7 Your Favorite Color and Brand of Rose

Your Favorite Color and Brand of Rose I love roses because they smell wonderful and they’re really easy to take care of. Roses are great for curb appeal and can bring class and glamour to your yard. Any color will do so just choose the one you love the best. Your yard is going to be so beautiful!

What are you planting this month? Got any tips for getting everything to grow like it should?

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Here in UK I have had mini cucumbers planted for few weeks already. Had one the other day too! They taste so much different to shop ones- very juicy ! Tomatoes in the u heated greenhouse are already in fruit too. We live on the South Coast though.

What kind of roses were those?

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