9 Fun and Crafty Flowerpot Makeovers ...

By Meream

9 Fun and Crafty Flowerpot Makeovers ...

Flowerpot Makeovers are fun projects. Not only will these projects give you pretty pots, they're also very easy to do. If you happen to have flowerpots in your porch that need "style" updates, these crafty pot makeovers will help you out. These D**IY flowerpots** are also great for those thinking of putting plants inside their homes.

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1 Color Block

Color Block Doing this** flowerpot makeover** helps you hit two trends with one stone (or paint stroke). You get to do color blocking and pastels. Fun, right? If you plan to follow this tutorial, make sure that you don't forget to paint the interior of the pots, too.


2 Dotted and Tiered

Dotted and Tiered This is a** fun DIY pot** makeover that gives you two crafty ideas: dots and tiers. You can choose to follow the dots idea only if you are "prettifying" pots to be placed inside your home. But for a fun porch display, I suggest that you give the tier idea a go, too.


3 Mosaic

Mosaic Okay, this one is not exactly simple to do but it's super fun. This is also ideal for those who happen to have a collection of broken Chinaware and such. I bet this will be delightful to do with sea glass.


4 Paint-Dipped

Paint-Dipped This is another flowerpot craft project that I'm sure you will love doing. Take flower pots, pour paint on the bottom, and then swirl to let the paint drip over the side. Design variation: use more than one color for a more cheerful effect.


5 Mod Podged

Mod Podged Raise your hands if you think Mod Podge is the shiznit. Okay, you can put your hands down now and look for materials perfect for making this DIY pot project. I am talking about pretty fabric, pots, brush, and of course, Mod Podge.


6 Galvanized and Numbered

Galvanized and Numbered These pots are knock-offs of galvanized and numbered pots. Using silver paint and number plaques, you can make several for your home, too. Important: make sure that you prime the pots before painting.


7 French-Style

French-Style I love these! These look store-bought but these flowerpots are clever DIYs. Again, this pot makeover project will require the use of Mod Podge. The basic steps involve transferring the French labels to the pots. Before you do that, paint the pots in distressed white for a more genuine French chic look.


8 Chalkboard

Chalkboard Adding a layer or two of chalkboard paint on pots is a great idea. Why? Because you will have an easier time labeling your herbs! Design variation: instead of painting only the rim, you can cover the whole pot with chalkboard paint as well.


9 Textured

Textured How cool is this? You will need a product called Snow-Tex from Decoart to follow this flowerpot makeover. I like this idea because you can do so many versions of it. Instead of a leaf, you can do other shapes, too! Head on over to the tutorial for the complete steps.


I sure enjoyed making this list of** flowerpot makeovers**. Hope you liked these ideas, too! Let us know if you have other DIY pot projects that should be included here. We're always on the lookout for fun crafty projects.

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