7 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden in Winter ...

By Alison

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden in Winter ...

It's not easy to enjoy your garden in winter. When it's too cold to go outside, and your beautiful flowers have all died off, your garden is pretty much a no-go zone. However, there are some ways of enjoying your outside space even in the colder months. Try these tips for making the most of your garden in winter …

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1 Foliage Plants

Foliage Plants One ideal way to make the most of your garden in winter is to put in plants that thrive even in the cold. Most flowering plants can't deal with cold conditions, so opt for foliage plants instead. There are lots that have fabulous, eye-catching foliage, and you can also get plants that have colorful stems, so that you can enjoy them even when the flowers have fallen off.

2 Room with a View

Room with a View You can also enjoy your garden by making the most of the view from the window that overlooks it. Try to design your garden so that the view is not obscured. Plant lots of interesting shrubs and cut back anything that is in the way. Then even on cold days you can sit by the window and look out.

3 Fabulous Florals

Fabulous Florals Even in cold temperatures you can still have flowers, but you need to choose plants that can survive your local conditions. Cyclamen, snowdrops and primulas are just a few of the flowers that can cope even in snowy weather. Check out your local plant center for flowering plants that can cope in your local climate.

4 Visit Gardens for Inspiration

Visit Gardens for Inspiration Are there any gardens in your area open to the public? Pay them a visit and you'll get lots of ideas about what to grow. They may even produce lists of the plants that you'll see in the winter season. Some gardens also sell plants, so you'll be able to pick up those plants that you most like.

5 Plan for Other Seasons

Plan for Other Seasons The winter period is also a great time to start planning what you want to do with your garden in the coming seasons. Perhaps you want to completely redesign your garden and landscape it. Or you'd just like to plant something new in your flowerbeds. Whether your gardening ambitions are big or small, curl up in a chair and gaze out at your garden. You'll soon come up with some inspiration.

6 Preparation & Maintenance

Preparation & Maintenance Winter is also a useful time to prepare your garden for the spring and summer. Even in winter there are usually some jobs to be done. You won' need to cut the grass, but there are still trees to be pruned and beds to be dug (as long as the ground isn't frosty). Get your garden into good shape for the coming season.

7 Paint It

Paint It Even if you can't be out in your garden during the cold months, there is another way to enjoy it indoors. If you've got some artistic ability, get out your paints in the summer or fall. Paint a beautiful image of your garden at its flowering best and get it framed. You'll then be able to look at your garden every day, all year round.

Winter can seem a dull time of year for your garden, but with the right choice of plants and a little planning, you can make the most of that precious outdoor space. There is still much to enjoy even when it's cold, so get some gardening books and start planning. What would your ideal garden be like?

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