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What do You Need to Grow Your Own Herb Garden?

By Eliza

An herb garden is a wonderful thing to have at home because it allows you to make fresh, delicious meals with just a snip of your kitchen shears. Even if you live in a cold locale, you can foster healthy herbs inside, perhaps on your windowsill or in your sunroom. If you have an outdoor garden, you can start your herbs inside and them move them outside when the temps go up. Either way, here are all the things you need to make a successful go of it. Have fun!.

1 Fan Planter

This planter is perfect for tall or vining herbs, such as mint.

2 Burlap Hanger

What a cool way to grow herbs!


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3 Wooden Planter with Chalkboard Label

Wooden Planter with Chalkboard
You'll never get your herbs mixed up again with this handy chalkboard label.

4 Self Watering Planter

Self Watering
Have trouble remembering to water? This planter takes care of it for you.

5 Herb Garden Set

Herb Garden
Here's everything you need to grow a couple of herbs with hardly any effort.

6 Starter Kit

Here's everything you need to grow all the herbs you need for fantastic meals every night of the week.

7 Really Cool Planter

Really Cool
This planter is definitely a splurge, but it's really cool, don't you think?

8 Herb Garden Wagon

Herb Garden
It's totally easy to move your herb garden from place to place with this wagon.

9 Portable Garden

This is fabulous, don't you think?

10 Herb Snips

This snips make it super easy to harvest your herbs when you're ready to cook with them.

11 Forage Table

This is definitely on my wish list!

12 Indoor Pots

These are perfect for growing herbs all together in your house or patio.

13 Something to Decorate

Something to
Give your herb garden some personality with this little guy.

14 Garden in a Bag

Garden in a
You'll always have fresh herbs on hand with this.

15 Mini Greenhouse

Wouldn't this be cool to have?

16 For Washing up

For Washing
When you're done gardening, use this soap to clean your hands. You'll love it!

17 Perfect for Your Windowsill

Perfect for Your
This is perfect for growing herbs on your windowsill.

18 Eco Growing Kit

Eco Growing
Here's something that's environmentally friendly. You gotta love that!

19 Mini Garden Tools

Mini Garden
These are perfect for planting and taking care of your herbs.

20 Watering Can

You're going to need a watering can to take care of your herbs and this one is super cute.

21 Garden Labels

These make it easy to remember which herbs you planted where.

What herbs will you be growing this spring?

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