5 Facts on the Christmas Tree ...


5 Facts on the Christmas Tree ...
5 Facts on the Christmas Tree ...

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. My family is big on trivia games and making up our own versions isn’t uncommon. We do have a holiday version that involves random facts about Christmas, so here are 5 facts on the Christmas tree you might find interesting. You can also keep them in mind in case you ever happen to be involved in a little Christmas trivia some time in the future!

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Lots of Oxygen is Produced by a Single Acre of Christmas Trees

It takes an acre of Christmas trees to produce the amount of oxygen 18 people need each day. These trees are also excellent for filtering pollen and dust out of the air.


The National Christmas Tree Was Lit on the Twenty-second of December in 1963

Usually the tree is lit well before Christmas, but 1963 was the year that President Kennedy was assassinated, so the tree wasn’t lit until the twenty-second day of December. This was done because this date marked the end of the 30-day mourning period that followed the assassination.


Almost All Christmas Trees Are Grown on Farms

I once read that a total of 98 percent of the Christmas trees purchased in the US are grown on farms. All 50 states grow Christmas trees and this industry employs more than 100,000 people. It’s surprising that this industry is still thriving, since most people have turned to using artificial Christmas trees for their homes.


Most Christmas Trees Are between 7 and 10 Years Old

A typical evergreen used for a Christmas tree isn’t considered mature until it reaches between 7 to 10 years of age. It’s sort of sad to think that after nearly 10 years of growth, this tree has reached an end. I enjoy seeing the giant pines growing tall along the roads. At least many Christmas trees can be recycled into something useful later, such as mulch or a fish habitat.


The First Tree Was Decorated in 1510

This supposedly took place in Riga, Latvia. I’m sure someone else decorated a tree in another part of the world and it didn’t get documented. There are just too many trees and too many people with great ideas at the same time! I’m sure people were decorating outside trees for the animals along before they started to decorate trees for enjoyment.

I hope you found these facts as entertaining as I did when I first came across them. I wish there was a way to share all the random knowledge I have retained over the years. Are there any odd Christmas facts that you have found out during your lifetime? Did you find these facts interesting enough that you might pass one or two on to someone else?

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