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5 Cool Facts on Beetles ...

By Aprille

Spotting a beetle is relatively easy, not just because there are so many and they seem to show up everywhere, but since they all have a very similar body type. Beetles have a hard outer covering, six legs, and poorly developed eyes. Besides this tidbit of information, here are an additional 5 cool facts on beetles you might enjoy!

5 Hundreds of Thousands of Species of Beetles Exist in the World

To be more precise, there are more than 300,000 species in the world. 12,000 varieties are found in the US alone.

4 Communication between Beetles Takes Place in Many Different Ways

Some beetles use special clicks or vibrations to talk with one another and others use pheromones. Lightning bugs are the only family of beetles that use glowing body parts to send signals to each other.

3 Beetles Can Be Helpful and Harmful

With so many beetles present in the world, there are plenty considered as pests while others are thought to be beneficial. Gardeners have to battle certain beetles to keep them from eating crops. Other beetles help to pollinate flowers, grind up dead plants and animals, and some even eat harmful insects.

2 Flying is Not a Specialty

Beetles may have wings, but they are poor flyers. Short distances can be achieved with their tiny wings. These are very thin and fragile, so they are covered by a hard waterproof set of non-functional wings called elytra.

1 Most Beetles Are Plant Eaters

There are a few beetles who scavenge on dead animals, but most beetles are content with munching on plant matter. They have mouth parts made especially for chewing and well-developed antennae for finding their preferred food. Lady bugs are well known for eating aphids, which causes gardeners to welcome these tiny beetles with open arms.

My favorite bunches of beetles are the ones with metallic coverings. They are like little jewels in the sun. The only time I don’t care much for beetles is when I find them destroying my garden. Do you find yourself fighting beetles or enjoying their beauty?

Top Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

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