5 Facts on Roses ...


5 Facts on Roses ...
5 Facts on Roses ...

I found these 5 facts on roses to be some pretty interesting ones, so I thought I’d share them with you. People know how beautiful and elegant roses are, but I bet they don’t know some of the facts that are listed below! They are just a set of fun ones that you might enjoy reading and passing on to friends too.

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60 Percent of the Roses Grown in the US Come from California

There are enough greenhouses in the United States that if all the acres where roses are grown in these greenhouses are added up, the area would come up to 900 acres. That is a lot of roses! Florists are the main sellers of all of these roses, with the biggest day being Mother’s Day. Runner up to this holiday for rose sales is Valentine’s Day, of course.


The Oldest Rose Exists in Germany

There is a cathedral in Germany, known as Hildesheim Cathedral. It is on the wall of this building that the oldest rose resides. Can you believe that it is more than 1000 years old? That’s amazing! It continues to flourish to this day.


Roses Are Mentioned in Mythological Texts

The Romans thought that when the tears of Venus fell that white roses emerged from each tear that landed. These tears were being shed when Adonis was killed. There is another myth that Cupid was out shooting arrows one day and accidentally shot one through a rose stem, hence the origin of the thorns on roses.


There is a Lot of Vitamin C in Rose Hips

Everyone knows that oranges have lots of vitamin C, as well as many other fruits. But a rose hip actually contains more vitamin C than an orange. In fact, they have more of this beneficial vitamin in them than any other veggie or fruit.


Past Presidents Liked Roses

George Washington actually bred these beauties at his own home. President Reagan went so far as to officially make the rose the National flower of the US. He signed legislation in 1986 to make this happen.

I’m sure there are plenty of great facts floating around on the web about all kinds of different flowers. Have you found any interesting facts about roses or your favorite flower while surfing the web?

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