53 Marvelous Backyard Fountains for You to Enjoy in Your Outdoor Space ...


Backyard fountains are a super easy way to add personality to your yard.They add a bit of relaxation and some flair wherever you put them.The best thing is that they are super easy to install and you can get yours going in just a few hours. If you need some inspiration, check out these awesome backyard fountains and you'll be ready to get started in no time.

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Part of the Landscaping

Part of the Landscaping Via 2 Small Backyard Ideas Creating ...
One of the best ways to incorporate backyard fountains is to make them part of your landscaping design.


Integrating a fountain seamlessly into your garden can completely transform the ambiance of your outdoor area. Gentle water sounds mingle with the whispers of nature, creating a serene retreat right outside your home. Whether nestled among flower beds, tucked in a corner, or making a statement as a centerpiece, these water features echo the artistry of your garden. To truly unify your outdoor oasis, consider the style of your home and existing landscape for a cohesive look – ensuring that your fountain doesn't just stand out, but belongs.


Triple Falls

Triple Falls Via 15 Unique Garden Water Features
The brick that backs this fountain is really nice nd the three falls are different and exciting.


In the Flower Bed

In the Flower Bed Via DIY Garden Fountain
This fountain flows so nicely as part of the flower garden in this yard.


Into the Pond

Into the Pond Via Best Ponds from Readers' Yards
Add your fountain to a water feature to make it all the more stunning.


As a Flowerpot

As a Flowerpot Via Make a fountain | OregonLive.com ...
You can pretty much add a pump to any container and turn it into a fountain, so using a flowerpot is an easy way to blend it in with your other decor.


Creating a backyard fountain is a great way to add a touch of serenity to your outdoor space. A flowerpot can be an easy and attractive way to turn any container into a fountain. Flowerpots come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your outdoor decor perfectly.

You can use a large flowerpot to create a dramatic fountain or a smaller one to add a subtle touch of sound and movement. To make a fountain out of a flowerpot, you'll need a pump, a basin, some rocks, and a few other supplies. You can find all of these items at your local home improvement store or garden center.

When setting up your fountain, make sure to place the basin at the bottom of the pot and the pump at the top. Fill the basin with rocks or pebbles and then add water. Connect the pump to the basin and plug it in. You can then add a few plants or decorations to complete the look.


Tiny Little Fountain

Tiny Little Fountain Via familyhandyman.com
This itty bitty fountain is so perfect for small yards and little patios.


Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials Via Recipes
Instead of tossing those old wine bottles, hook them up to a pump and put them in your backyard.


Go Big!

Go Big! Via Hsgsphoto's Pho-blog-raphy
If you have a large backyard, why not go with a huge fountain surrounded with plants and flowers?


Adding a fountain to your outdoor space can be a great way to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your backyard. A large fountain surrounded by plants and flowers is a stunning way to make your backyard stand out. Not only is it visually appealing, but it can also be a great way to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden.

When selecting a fountain for your backyard, it's important to consider the size of the fountain in relation to your outdoor space. A large fountain can be a great way to make a statement, but it may not be the best option if your yard is on the smaller side. Additionally, you'll want to consider the material your fountain is made of. Fountains made of stone or metal can be more durable than ones made of plastic, and they can also be a great way to add texture and interest to your outdoor space.


Barrel Fountain

Barrel Fountain Via Pond~Telaga
Old barrels look great in xeriscaped backyards and this fountain is a great idea.


Soothing Bubbling Garden

Soothing Bubbling Garden Via 32 inspiring garden fountains
The bubbling sound this fountain makes is great for creating a relaxing backyard.


Simple Wood

Simple Wood Via 32 inspiring garden fountains
I like how simple this wooden receptacle is for a fountain.


A Touch of Whimsy

A Touch of Whimsy Via 35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding ...
You won't see anything like this in any other backyards. It's a definite conversation piece.


Rock Tower

Rock Tower Via 19 Beautiful Backyard Building Projects
This fountain is unique and I really like how the rocks stack on one another so it melds with your yard design.


At the Bottom of the Stairs

At the Bottom of the Stairs Via Juliana's Family-Friendly Backyard — My ...
What a grand entrance this fountain makes at the bottom of the backyard stairs.


Squared off

Squared off Via flickr.com
I like how this fountain is square instead of the often circular ones you see.


The geometric lines and angular design present a contemporary twist that truly sets it apart, meshing seamlessly with modern landscape aesthetics. The way the water cascades over the edges of this distinctive fountain adds a rhythmic and soothing soundtrack to any garden, making it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate the blend of minimalism with functional art. Plus, it's an instant conversation starter among guests who are used to more traditional styles. Embrace the uniqueness of square fountains and let your garden make a statement of sophistication.


Foliage Galore

Foliage Galore Via Feng Shui for Home, Garden ...
As the plants grow up, they add emphasis to the fountain.


Wall Design

Wall Design Via 15 Tips for Outdoor Living ...
A retaining wall is the perfect place to create a fountain.


Dramatic Presentation

Dramatic Presentation Via Garden water Feature humidifier
There are several places where you can buy ready made fountains like this beauty.



Overflowing Via Water Features - Ponds, Water ...
Turn the fountain into the pond by setting it up to overflow.


Rustic Backyard Fountain

Rustic Backyard Fountain Via Amazon.com : Wood Barrel with ...
The old hand pump is a really cool addition to this barrel fountain.


This rustic backyard fountain is a great way to add a touch of charm to any outdoor space. It features an old-style hand pump and a wooden barrel, both of which are designed to look weathered and vintage. The fountain is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It is also a great way to bring a bit of nature into your backyard, as the sound of the water will create a tranquil atmosphere. With its classic design, the rustic backyard fountain is sure to be a conversation starter and a great focal point for any outdoor area.


Wheelbarrow Water Fountain

Wheelbarrow Water Fountain Via Cap Creations: A Summer Project
Maybe you got a new wheelbarrow and have one to spare. Don't throw it away because you can make this cool fountain with it.


Little River

Little River Via Small (Rock) Gardens That Rock ...
This fountain overflows into a rock river that will really make your yard stand out.


On the Patio

On the Patio Via 16 Great Patio Ideas
Instead of putting your fountain out in the yard, put it right on your patio.


Bringing the tranquil beauty of a fountain closer to your home creates an intimate setting where you can enjoy the soothing sounds of water while you relax or entertain. On the Patio serves as the perfect backdrop for alfresco dining or simply unwinding after a long day. Imagine curling up with a good book or gathering with friends, with the melody of cascading waters complementing your peaceful refuge. Personalizing your patio with a fountain invites serenity and style into your outdoor living space, making it also an impressive focal point that captivates your guests.


Metal Containers

Metal Containers Via Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain
The cool metal containers filled with rocks make for a nice looking fountain. The gazing ball makes it even better.


A Little Bit Hidden

A Little Bit Hidden Via Fountain in a Pot
I love how this fountain is hidden a little bit in the plants.


Tiled Outline

Tiled Outline Via All sizes | Talavera Fountain ...
The tile makes this fountain look colorful and fun and separates it from the surrounding area.


Simple Rocks

Simple Rocks Via The Happy Homebodies: Tutorials & ...
A pump, a couple of clay pots and some rocks are all you need to create this fountain.


Surrounded by Chairs

Surrounded by Chairs Via 10 Refreshing Container Water Features
Putting the fountain near the seating area gives you a soothing soundtrack for all your backyard activities.


In a Corner

In a Corner Via 10 Beautiful Small Backyards - ...
I love how the patio and fountain are nestled in a cozy corner.


Pump and Pond

Pump and Pond Via flickr.com
This simple pump fountain adds pizazz to the backyard pond.


The gentle sounds of bubbling water create an ambiance of peace, making it the perfect retreat from a bustling day. Installing a pump fountain is surprisingly easy and cost-effective, offering a focal point that invigorates your outdoor sanctuary. Not only does it become a habitat for birds and small wildlife, it also introduces an element of motion and serenity to your garden landscape. Whether hosting summer barbecues or seeking a moment of solitude, a pond with a pump fountain serves as a charming backdrop to all your backyard moments.


In the Deck

In the Deck Via fernhilllandscapes.com
This fancy fountain within the deck is super cool.


Raining Fountain

Raining Fountain Via gardeningsimpleguide.com
This masterpiece adds a lot to your backyard. I'm pretty sure kids would love this if you leave the plants out.


Gazebo Side

Gazebo Side Via 30 Impressive Patio Design Ideas ...
This fountain adds visual appeal to the little seating area and enhances the relaxation factor at the same time.



Waterfall Via 32 inspiring garden fountains
This fountain flows down a little river and then over a cute little waterfall. What fun to watch!


All Natural

All Natural Via DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains - ...
I like how this fountain uses only items from nature, like rocks and flowers.


By the Flowers

By the Flowers Via DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains - ...
A flower garden like this one can't get much better, but a fountain sure adds to it.


Lovely Water Garden

Lovely Water Garden Via Lovely water garden.
Can you imagine how soothing it would be to have this in your backyard?


Rooftop Retreat

Rooftop Retreat Via 50+ landscaping ideas with stone
What better way to make a rooftop patio totally liveable and epically beautiful?


Between Flowerbeds

Between Flowerbeds Via cjshearthandhome.com
A river flowing through your raised garden beds is awesome!


All Lit up

All Lit up Via Information About Rate My Space
The lighting around this fountain makes it perfect for nighttime entertaining.


This gorgeous fountain featured in the photograph is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. It is lit up with a variety of lights, making it the perfect spot for entertaining in the evening. The lights are arranged in a way that creates a beautiful effect and illuminates the area around the fountain.

The fountain itself is a classic design, with a large bowl-shaped basin in the center. This is filled with water that cascades down the sides of the bowl, creating a peaceful and calming sound. The water then flows into a smaller pool at the bottom of the fountain, creating a beautiful effect.

The lights used to light up this fountain are LED lights. These lights are energy efficient and long lasting, making them the perfect choice for outdoor lighting. The lights are arranged around the fountain in a way that creates a stunning effect, and they can be adjusted to create different levels of brightness.



Topiary Via 20 Wonderful Garden Fountains - ...
Turning this topiary into a fountain was such a cool idea!


Filling Space

Filling Space Via 20 Wonderful Garden Fountains - ...
If you want to cut back on your grass, this separated area is great for a fountain.


In the Ground

In the Ground Via The Pond – An Element ...
For something totally different, put your fountain right in the ground like a splash pad.


Blue Bottom

Blue Bottom Via backyardlandscapedesigns.net
The blue paint in the fountain makes the water stand out against the rocks.


Sculpture Fountain

Sculpture Fountain Via 30 Beautiful Backyard Ponds And ...
This rock sculpture makes the perfect centerpiece for this fabulous fountain.


Simple Stone Fountain

Simple Stone Fountain Via Backyard
Rock collectors across the globe will love this fountain.


Grow Some Plants

Grow Some Plants Via Back Yard Pond Project
Make your fountain come out of the pond, then add some lilies or other floating plants.


Splashy Wall Fountain

Splashy Wall Fountain Via 32 inspiring garden fountains
A double tiered wall fountain doesn't take up much space, but it super cool looking.


Add a Bench

Add a Bench Via backyard-fountains-ideas-02 | eBarah.com
This wooden bench near the fountain is a great place to sit and enjoy it.


Custom Made

Custom Made Via gardensclick.blogspot.de
A custom made fountain is so totally perfect with all these bright flowers.


Adding a bespoke water feature to your garden sanctum can transform the ambiance completely. Imagine the soft, melodious sound of trickling water as a serene backdrop to your vibrant floral arrangements. Not only does it create a focal point but also becomes a sanctuary for birds and butterflies. The reflection of the sun on the water surface, coupled with the vivid colors of petals, makes for a breathtaking sight. Opting for a tailor-made fountain gives you the liberty to select materials and designs that resonate with your style and the existing garden aesthetics.



Candles Via Fountains and Water Features
I like how the candles nearby give this the look and feel of a backyard retreat that rivals any other.


Out of the Lion's Mouth

Out of the Lion's Mouth Via Shady Courtyard
This small lion head adds a lot of personality to this little fountain.


Traditional Fountain

Traditional Fountain Via Wishing Wells & Fountains
This a pretty traditional fountain and is great for many backyards.

What kind of fountain do you dream about in your backyard? I like the wall fountains best. Do you have any tips about installing a fountain?

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These are all so beautiful. Most of these look relaxing & peaceful.

#8 - I don't think I would consider this photo as an example of "going big". Now, if one would replicate many of the fountain features at Villa d'Este, now that would be "going big" !!!

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