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Flower Garden Inspos to a Turn Your Yard into a Beautiful and Peaceful Oasis ...

By Eliza

Sometimes the best way to find out what you love is to look through pictures of what others have done. When it comes to your yard, there's no exception. Driving through neighborhoods and spending hours on Pinterest can really help you decide what you want your own flower beds to look like. If you need more inspiration, check out these mega awesome yards. Happy planting!

Table of contents:

  1. Plant some tall, some short
  2. How about some english charm?
  3. Don't forget a birdbath
  4. Plant along your grass
  5. You need a water feature
  6. Build it up
  7. How about a waterfall?
  8. Add visual appeal
  9. Totally welcoming
  10. Try several large flower beds
  11. Lush and full
  12. Lay it out in rows
  13. Build a bench
  14. Try something quirky
  15. A total retreat
  16. All up against the house
  17. Build along a path
  18. Group colors together
  19. Add a cute statue
  20. White picket fence
  21. Totally romantic

1 Plant Some Tall, Some Short

2 How about Some English Charm?

3 Don't Forget a Birdbath

4 Plant along Your Grass

5 You Need a Water Feature

6 Build It up

7 How about a Waterfall?

8 Add Visual Appeal

9 Totally Welcoming

10 Try Several Large Flower Beds

11 Lush and Full

12 Lay It out in Rows

13 Build a Bench

14 Try Something Quirky

15 A Total Retreat

16 All up against the House

17 Build along a Path

18 Group Colors Together

19 Add a Cute Statue

20 White Picket Fence

21 Totally Romantic

Which garden is your favorite? What will you be planting in your yard this year?

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