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8 Extraordinary Gardens of the World ...

By Alison

You don't need to be a keen gardener to want to visit some of the most extraordinary gardens of the world. Wandering around a beautiful garden is an experience that everyone can enjoy. It gives us a chance to enjoy nature, and relax in lovely surroundings. And there are so many stunning gardens that you could never see them all! But here are some of the extraordinary gardens of the world that you must see if you get the chance …

1 Lost Gardens of Heligan, UK

If you're visiting the UK, try to get down to the south-west and visit one of the most extraordinary gardens of the world. Heligan is a historic garden that was indeed lost, as the name suggests, after falling into disrepair. The gardens were rediscovered in 1990 and have now been restored to stunning effect.

2 Keukenhof, Holland

If you love flowers, then a visit to Keukenhof gardens is an absolute must. The tulip fields in full bloom are an amazing sight. Seen from above, they look like a paint palette. But remember that you need to travel there in spring, or you won't find much to see!


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3 Giverny, France

For art lovers, a visit to Monet's garden in northern France is an essential trip. Not only will you be able to wander round a beautiful garden, but also see the views that inspired one of France's greatest painters. Giverny is close enough to Paris to make a day trip feasible, so don't miss it if you're visiting the capital.

4 Butchart Gardens, Canada

These lovely gardens can be found on Vancouver Island. The Butchart family created the gardens from a limestone quarry. This wonderful use of an exhausted industrial site is still flourishing over one hundred years later, and is open all year round. So there is always something to see.

5 Shalimar Gardens, Pakistan

If you feel like a more adventurous destination, then how about visiting Pakistan? Asian gardens are quite different from their western counterparts, as can be seen in this beautiful garden. Shalimar Gardens dates back over 300 years, and is recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

6 Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

Should you ever be lucky enough to visit Shanghai, then don't miss the Yuyuan Garden. Even older than Shalimar, its name means "the garden of peace" or "the garden of happiness." Yuyuan is divided into six areas, and has been given the status of a national monument.

7 Las Pozas, Mexico

Many foreign artists and writers have made Mexico their home over the years. These gardens, several hours north of Mexico City, were created by an English poet and artist. Not surprisingly, they combine plants with sculptures, which always makes for an interesting mix!

8 Japanese Gardens, Buenos Aires

There are many lovely Japanese-style gardens around the world, so it is a type of garden many of us are familiar with. They are lovely, peaceful places. If you are taking a trip to Buenos Aires, do take time to visit this one. It is one of the largest outside Japan itself.

Wherever you travel, there's bound to be one or more beautiful gardens there. It's well worth walking around them, as they offer the chance to get away from busy city life. Other, more rural gardens are worth making a special visit to if you're in the area. There are so many amazing gardens that I could only pick out a few, but can you recommend any that you consider a must-see?

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