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The Flower That Represents Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Whether you are someone who believes in astrology or not, there is no denying that it can be really fun and enlightening to read about all of the things that are supposedly associated with your own sign! Not only can it predict certain personality traits and qualities, but there are also lots of concepts and objects that are seen to represent the month that you were born. Today, we’re talking about flowers! Here is the flower that represents your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

plant, flora, leaf, flower, petal, Honeysuckle

You are naturally sweet and sensitive to the needs of others. Your charm and grace are pretty much irresistible to everyone that you meet!

2 Taurus

flower, red, flowering plant, sky, petal, Poppy

You are someone who possesses flare and style, and you make a memorable impact on everyone that is lucky enough to have you in their lives. You are one hell of a classic gal!

3 Gemini

lavender, purple, lavender, english lavender, Lavender

You have a timeless sense of beauty both in your looks and in your manners. You have no problem expressing yourself and people really pay attention to you when you have something to say!

4 Cancer

plant, flower, flowering plant, verbascum, broomrape, Acanthus

You aren’t the most out there kind of person, and you won’t always be the most noticed person in the room, but you make a big difference to those who know you best!

5 Leo

sunflower, yellow, flower, plant, grass, Sunflower

You are big and bold and beautiful, and you absolutely love to be the centre of attention! You light up the room whenever you walk into one.

6 Virgo

flower, plant, violet, purple, morning glory, Morning Glory

You are thoughtful and reflective, one of those people who doesn’t like to make a big song and dance about anything, but you are always there when someone needs you.

7 Libra

flower, pink, floristry, flower arranging, fashion, Rose

The most beautiful of them all! You enjoy all of the finer things in life, and you tend to get exactly what you want because nobody can resist you!

8 Scorpio

flower, cut flowers, flowering plant, vase, flower arranging, Chrysanthemum

You are as complicated and mysterious as the spelling of your representative flower! You are the first person to enjoy emotional and spiritual growth because you have the power to look at things from a different angle.

9 Sagittarius

flower, flowering plant, plant, narcissus, cut flowers, Narcissus

You are probably the most philosophical of all the signs, you have strong opinions of your own but you never shy away from hearing the thoughts of others and having a mature discussion.

10 Capricorn

flower, pink, flower arranging, vase, floristry, Carnation

You like to make a show of things and you aren’t scared of being the centre of attention! You are beautiful, but it is a more simple kind of beauty than other signs.

11 Aquarius

flower, floristry, vase, flower bouquet, flower arranging, Orchid

Your total uniqueness is without a doubt your best quality. Nobody can put you in a box and stereotype you; you are totally elusive!

12 Pisces

flower, flora, pink, plant, leaf, Water Lily

You have hidden depths. You always look calm and collected on the surface, but very often there is something doing on in underneath.

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