Phenomenal Tips to Turn Veggie Waste into New Food ...

By Silvia

Phenomenal Tips to Turn Veggie Waste  into New Food ...

I'm going to tell you how to turn your vegetable waste into new food. When you cook with carrots, beets, radishes or other root vegetables, do not throw away the top part after cleaning them. Cut the green part back at about half an inch and leave another half an inch (or less) of the original veggie. Then place it in a glass, small tea light holder or any other container with a quarter of an inch of water with the green side up. I prefer to put it in a clear container because not only can you see if it needs water, it also looks cute and doubles as decoration. After only one day you can see that the green leaves are growing back. Check the water level every other day so that the plant is never drying out. After three to five days you can see your mini water garden growing rapidly.

Then you decide when to harvest your self grown mini greens. Normally after a week you can cut the greens off and put them on a salad or sandwich, in homemade dips, on egg dishes or you can just use it as a pretty decoration. But do not wait too long because sometimes the leaves will turn yellow. Fortunately if you have a whole bunch of different mini plants, you will always have some back ups. One time I had thirty four glass containers all over my kitchen area and in every corner of the house. Unfortunately you will only harvest one time. Then you will have to start over with new and fresh root vegetables. But it is fun, healthy, decorative and a great conversation starter. What better answer for how to turn your vegetable waste into new food?

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