10 Best Mother's Day Gifts if Mom Likes to Garden ...

By Laura

10 Best Mother's Day  Gifts if Mom Likes to Garden ...

If your mom is anything like my mom, she LIVES outside in her yard in the summer! From planting her garden, to tending to the landscape around her house, that woman is rarely in the house come April. Which is the inspiration for compiling this list of gift ideas you could buy her this Mother's Day.

1 Bird Feeder Set

product, food, $29 at amazon.com

Your mom will love spending time in her garden when she's got this cute bird feeder (which includes seed). It includes a wild harvest blend of seed to attract small birds.

2 Gardening Tool Set

product, tool, $46 at amazon.com

Your mom is going to flip when she gets this all inclusive 10 piece set that includes a stool for her to sit on AND a bag to carry all of her tools in. She's going to have more excuses now to plant those new flowers she's been dying to plant.:)

3 Decorative Trug

product, box, wood, rectangle, packaging and labeling, $7 at amazon.com

This adorable Tiffany Blue trug is the perfect gift to let mom bring all her planted goodies in the house when it's time to harvest. Make this extra special by filling with her favorite wine, some flowers for her favorite vase, or even some little candies she loves.

4 Garden Bag

bag, pink, shoulder bag, product, magenta, $27 at amazon.com

Mom need a cute decorative bag to stay fashionable outside? This is a great choice. It's cute, decorative, and big enough to store all her favorite garden tools in it and carry around while she's outside.

5 Pre-Seeded Kit

flower, plant, flora, land plant, petal, $40 at amazon.com

Give mom even more of a reason to spend her days outside with this two season, 14 pod, pre-seeds. She'll love seeing (and smelling) the gorgeous blooms that come from this. And, since it covers two seasons, she's got extra time outside. Go the extra mile, and stick some in decorative pots (or let the grandkids decorate some) for that added sentimental value!

6 Botanical Coloring Book

cartoon, comic book, comics, art, pattern, $10 at amazon.com

With spring comes those days she may not get in the garden-whether it's too chilly, rainy, or whatever-so let her hunker down inside and dream of her garden while she colors in this gorgeous and fun botanical coloring book. Comes complete with 24 sharpened pencils, mom will have the time of her life being indoors.

7 Gardeners Gold Soap

Gardeners Gold Soap $9 at amazon.com

I don't know about your mom, but when my mama comes in from the garden her hands are as black as the dirt she's been digging in. To help get her hands back to gorgeous, buy her some of this soap. All natural ingredients, smells great, and works great, your mother will be glad she has this.

8 Lowes Gift Cards

text, product, font, diagram, logo, $25+ at amazon.com

Instead of searching for the perfect gardening gift, let mom pick it herself! Whether she uses it on plants, garden decorations, new lights for her yard-whatever it may be! She'll surely love the idea of a gift card to Lowe's to make her Mother's Day complete.

9 Decorative Pots

cup, product, coffee cup, flowerpot, $15 at amazon.com

Mom will love these adorable decorative pots. Whether she keeps them around her house, on her deck/porch, or uses them as decoration before she plants them in the garden, mom will love these colorful pots.

10 Gardening Mug

mug, cup, coffee cup, drinkware, moustache, $11 at amazon.com

Before mom heads out to the garden for the day, let her enjoy her morning cup of coffee or tea from this adorable gardening mug. It's fun and bright colors will have her ready to head to the yard in no time!

What do you buy for the mom who loves to garden? Did this list strike up any great ideas for you? Let us know in the comments!

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