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Fence Decor Thatll Make Your Yard Look Lovely ...

By Eliza

There's no rule that says you have to suffer with a plain, boring fence. In fact, fence decor is trending in a big way right now and that makes it easy to find items to make your fence the talk of the town. Never considered what a decorated fence can do for yard? Feast your eyes on this and you'll see why you need to get out into the yard and start decorating.

Table of contents:

  1. Hang up tiny planters
  2. Nail on some artwork
  3. Shelves and hanging knick knacks are cool
  4. Use antiques for a farm feel
  5. Repurpose an old piece of furniture
  6. Create an ornamental design with iron pieces
  7. Use a bunch of old frames
  8. Display little potted plants inside square shelves
  9. Don't have a fence? make one like this
  10. Use plant hooks for lanterns
  11. Create this diy tin fence
  12. Little birdhouses look fantastic on the fence
  13. You can't go wrong with butterfly fence sculptures
  14. Little pots with bright flowers look awesome
  15. Clay suns are perfect for outdoors
  16. Spell it out
  17. Brightly painted old window frames make a big impact

1 Hang up Tiny Planters

Source: cottage chic art Tumblr

2 Nail on Some Artwork


3 Shelves and Hanging Knick Knacks Are Cool

Source: Classic Nuanced Fence Decor For

4 Use Antiques for a Farm Feel

Source: Privacy fence....all junked up!

5 Repurpose an Old Piece of Furniture

Source: 25 Ideas for Decorating your

6 Create an Ornamental Design with Iron Pieces


7 Use a Bunch of Old Frames

Source: Decorating your backyard fence for

8 Display Little Potted Plants inside Square Shelves

Source: Community gardening Digging

9 Don't Have a Fence? Make One like This

Source: Outdoor Decorations For Fence

10 Use Plant Hooks for Lanterns

Source: Outdoor Landscape - Backyard Fence

11 Create This DIY Tin Fence

Source: 25 Incredible DIY Garden Fence

12 Little Birdhouses Look Fantastic on the Fence

Source: Wooden Fence Decor

13 You Can't Go Wrong with Butterfly Fence Sculptures

Source: Outstanding Backyard Decor Ideas That

14 Little Pots with Bright Flowers Look Awesome

Source: Decor for the Outdoors

15 Clay Suns Are Perfect for Outdoors

Source: Decoration - Awesome Colorful Diy

16 Spell It out

Source: fence decor

17 Brightly Painted Old Window Frames Make a Big Impact

Source: Design Ideas - Outdoor Decor

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