Fence Decor Thatll Make Your Yard Look Lovely ...

By Eliza

Fence Decor Thatll Make Your Yard Look Lovely ...

There's no rule that says you have to suffer with a plain, boring fence. In fact, fence decor is trending in a big way right now and that makes it easy to find items to make your fence the talk of the town. Never considered what a decorated fence can do for yard? Feast your eyes on this and you'll see why you need to get out into the yard and start decorating.

1 Hang up Tiny Planters

Source: cottage chic art Tumblr

2 Nail on Some Artwork

Source: mulchmedia.com

3 Shelves and Hanging Knick Knacks Are Cool

Source: Classic Nuanced Fence Decor For

4 Use Antiques for a Farm Feel

Source: Privacy fence....all junked up!

5 Repurpose an Old Piece of Furniture

Source: 25 Ideas for Decorating your

6 Create an Ornamental Design with Iron Pieces

Source: hookworxfence.com

7 Use a Bunch of Old Frames

Source: Decorating your backyard fence for

8 Display Little Potted Plants inside Square Shelves

Source: Community gardening Digging

9 Don't Have a Fence? Make One like This

Source: Outdoor Decorations For Fence

10 Use Plant Hooks for Lanterns

Source: Outdoor Landscape - Backyard Fence

11 Create This DIY Tin Fence

Source: 25 Incredible DIY Garden Fence

12 Little Birdhouses Look Fantastic on the Fence

Source: Wooden Fence Decor

13 You Can't Go Wrong with Butterfly Fence Sculptures

Source: Outstanding Backyard Decor Ideas That

14 Little Pots with Bright Flowers Look Awesome

Source: Decor for the Outdoors

15 Clay Suns Are Perfect for Outdoors

Source: Decoration - Awesome Colorful Diy

16 Spell It out

Source: fence decor

17 Brightly Painted Old Window Frames Make a Big Impact

Source: Design Ideas - Outdoor Decor

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