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27 of Today's Exquisite Flowers Inspo for Gals Wanting Subtle Accents ...

By Sophie

Flowers are fabulous and they always make us smile and boost our mood. Check out these awesome flower inspiration from Instagram but before you do, here's an interesting fact:

Give someone a clover and you're asking them to think of you.

1 @theflowerhat

2 @thelittleran

3 @fleuropean

4 @sagharborflorist

5 @swallowsanddamsons

6 @fl0ragraphy

7 @naughtyteas

8 @flowerlove.warsaw

9 @flower_power_daily

10 @jj_still_life

11 @chelseatea.r

12 @tingefloral

13 @by_l_a_u_r_a

14 @bloomthat

15 @ponderosa_and_thyme

16 @boutierre_girls

17 @jannelford

18 @hannahargyle

19 @joflowers

20 @lamusadelasflores

21 @alajamie

22 @birgittetheresa

23 @keepingwiththetimes

24 @bea7507

25 @_justynaniko_

26 @c_colli

27 @idreaminflowers

Aren't these gorgeous? Tell us which ones you liked best! And if your fave flower account is not on this list - do tell in the comments, dolls!

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