8 Garden Decorating Ideas for the Holidays ...

By Heather

8 Garden Decorating Ideas for the Holidays ...

Garden Decorating Ideas can be hard to figure out if you're just starting out. Don't worry though ladies, I got you! My mom has a huge garden that takes up half of her backyard and I've come up with some of the best garden decorating ideas out there to keep your garden stylish and cool looking! Below are just my top 8 garden decorating ideas, but I'd love to hear some of your ideas too!

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1 Seasonal Plants

It doesn't matter the season, when you are trying to spruce up your garden, why not add in a few seasonal plants? Whether you are growing the plants or they are plastic, this is one of the garden decorating ideas that works all times of the year! Add in some stylish little pots and you'll have yourself one awesome looking garden.

2 Festive Signs

During Halloween, my mom always adds in festive holiday signs that say 'Beware!' or 'Ghosts' on them. This adds in a twist and makes her garden spooky! For Christmas, there are twinkling lighted signs littered all throughout the garden to make it look like a Christmas wonderland. Adding in festive signs was totally one of my gardening decorating ideas that even the neighbors at my parents are not using!

3 Amazing Decorations

Maybe festive signs and seasonal plants aren't enough for you. If you really want to go all out for Christmas, Halloween – heck, even Fourth of July, why not do it in your garden? Pull out all of the stops and truly spruce up all of your plants for every holiday!

4 Lights, Lights, and More Lights

Lights are not something that should just be on your house, if you have a garden – why not add some in there too? Lighting up your garden with all kinds of lights can really add a warmth to your house and will ensure that your house looks beautiful inside and out. I know this is one of the garden decorating ideas that my mom does every year and every year she gets so many compliments!

5 Holiday Trees

While you might have a Christmas tree inside, why not put one in your garden too? Decorate it just right with all kinds of ornaments, lights and even garland! It'll turn your garden from just a garden, to a hot spot during the holidays!

6 Holiday-Themed Planters

If you think that a holiday tree is too much, what about switching out the old orange planters you have for something a little more festive? For the holidays, any home and garden store will have all kinds of holiday-themed planters out there that will allow you to be festive without breaking the bank!

7 Fun Figurines

No matter what holiday it is, fun figurines are actually a great way to brighten up and liven up your garden. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays and every Halloween, I make sure that my mom's garden is decked out to the nines with tons of different and ghoulish figurines. It spooks the neighbors and is totally festive!

8 Colorful Flags

Finally, if you are just looking to do something simple yet still fun – you can't go wrong with colorful flags! Whether you are putting out holiday flags or just garden flags, these are a great little piece that will brighten up and deck out any garden at all! For me, I absolutely love when a garden has a ton of flags in it and actually looks colorful instead of bare.

While the gardening season might be coming to a close, that doesn't mean that you can't use some of these garden decorating ideas to spice up your garden! Why not add in some scary figures or some Halloween planters? Just take some of these garden decorating ideas and run with them! What garden decorating ideas do you ladies use to keep your garden fresh and new looking?

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I love these ideas! Can't wait for the holidays!

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