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Joining an urban gardening project has many benefits. Even in the center of a busy city, you can find urban gardens. These are intended primarily as a way of creating green spaces, and bringing the community together. They add color to built-up areas that would otherwise be grey and dull. Here are just some of the reasons to join an urban gardening project …

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Green City

One of the best reasons to join an urban gardening project is that they add green spaces to a city. Many people would love to have a garden, but there are few houses with garden space in cities. Joining an urban garden project shows support for these projects, and can help prevent precious green spaces being lost to development. They're very much needed, and many are under threat.


Organic Produce

Would you love to have a vegetable garden, but only have a tiny balcony? Many urban garden projects have a space set aside for growing fruit and vegetables. This is the perfect way of getting your hands on fresh, organic produce at a reasonable price. It's also a good way of teaching your kids about nature and how plants grow, so take them along to help out.


Close to Nature

Even if you're a city person like me, there are times when you love to see something green. Urban gardening projects allow city folks to enjoy getting close to nature. It's a great alternative to sitting in an overcrowded park. It also means that you can get directly involved with nature as well, rather than just looking at pretty flowers.



Living in the city can leave us feeling isolated from other people. We may not even know who our neighbors are. Often we have no idea how to go about meeting like-minded people, and only socialise with coworkers. Working on an urban garden project gives you the chance to feel that you're part of something, and also gives you the opportunity to meet people.


Learning Opportunity

Do you wish that you knew more about growing plants, but have nobody to teach you? Well, here's your chance. As part of an urban gardening project you'll meet people who've been gardening for years and have lots of knowledge to share. They'll help you avoid mistakes and pass on plenty of tips and hints.


Improve the Neighborhood

Urban garden projects are an excellent way of improving the neighborhood. Any site can be turned into an urban garden by building raised beds and planting up tubs; it isn't always necessary to dig up earth for flowerbeds. If there isn't an urban garden in your neighborhood, why not look for suitable sites and start campaigning for a space to be dedicated to urban gardening?



Finally, urban gardening is a great way to de-stress. It's well known that working in a garden is good for your physical and mental health; the manual work involved is an excellent antidote to stress. So if you have a stressful job and need to unwind, consider joining one of these projects. It'll do your well-being a lot of good.

You might have been unaware that urban gardens exist, but there may well be one (or more) tucked away in your city. These little hidden oases are wonderful places to relax and make a contribution towards making the city a better place. What would you like to see in an urban garden?

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we have a community garden in our town, this gives me a nudge to contact them and help!

Cleveland Ohio just had one last year I'd love to join up with one this year...also going to build composts in my backyard once the weather lets up!

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