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Anyone new to gardening can learn so many tips by simply picking up a few gardening magazines. Even if you’re an expert in gardening, it’s best to keep up with trends and new tips with gardening magazines. And let’s be honest, we could all use a little inspiration every now and then! Check out the top home and garden magazines below, which are some of the best resources any gardener could ever want.

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Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Organic Gardening is an amazing magazine to try and one of the top selling gardening magazines. If you’re into organic foods and plants, then this magazine is for you. It is not only full of ideas and tips for organic gardening, but also has plenty of tips for cooking and recipes!


Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living Martha Stewart Living has always been a favorite of mine. The gardening section of this magazine is also amazing! Talk about inspiration and good ideas! Not to mention, the magazine is full of other home and kitchen tips and tricks too.


Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens A mainstay in the world of gardening magazines, Better Homes and Gardens is a must-read if you want the best, most up to date gardening tips and tricks. There’s also a great feature in this magazine each month that features a home and garden makeover, which serves as the perfect inspiration for anyone wanting to give their own home or garden a makeover. The magazine is also full of great recipes, shopping tips, home and kitchen ideas and tips, and much more.


Country Gardens

Country Gardens A spin-off magazine from Better Homes and Gardens, Country Gardens is a more extensive and exclusive gardening magazine. It’s great for beginners or newbies, and features a wide variety of ideas, tips, and tricks.


Birds and Blooms

Birds and Blooms Birds and Blooms is one of the most popular gardening magazines, and has a bonus feature for anyone looking for birding tips. If you love hummingbirds and want some tips for attracting a few more, this magazine is for you! There’s also an incredible amount of information about flowering plants, unlike other magazines.


Carolina Gardener

Carolina Gardener Do you live in the Carolinas with me? If you’re a South or North Carolina native, this magazine is a must-read. With region-specific information, it’s especially catered to anyone in this area, along with gardening tips anyone else could use too. Don’t live in the Carolinas? They also have a huge list on this website of state by state catered magazines for anyone!


If you're seeking a green thumb in true Southern style, this gem is an invaluable resource that celebrates the unique climate and flora of the Carolinas. Dig into vibrant features on native plants, seasonal gardening strategies, and organic practices suited to the region. For those outside the Carolinas, the magazine offers insights that transcend borders, providing universal gardening wisdom that can apply to your own backyard, no matter where you're planting your roots. Their online platform extends the community and provides a directory for avid gardeners looking for localized advice.


Canadian Gardening

Canadian Gardening For all you Canadians out there, this magazine is all about you! It features specific tips for Canadians for the best growing seasons, resources, plants, recipes, and more.


Canadian Gardening is the perfect magazine for Canadian gardeners, offering tips and advice tailored specifically to the best growing seasons in Canada. It provides resources on plants, recipes, and more that are suitable for the Canadian climate. It also features articles on topics such as sustainable gardening, organic gardening, and native plants, as well as how-to guides to help readers create the perfect garden. Additionally, the magazine offers interviews and features on prominent Canadian gardeners, and regularly updates readers on the latest gardening trends.


Fine Gardening Magazine

Fine Gardening Magazine With expert tips and tricks, this is for the elite gardener wanting to take things up a notch. This magazine is chock full with ideas, tips, tricks, and more. They also have videos online you can watch, which is an amazing feature of the magazine’s website to help newbies or experts.


Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated Full of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring gardens, this magazine is a must-read for inspiration. There is also a complete guide to gardens to visit, along with the best times of the year to go. Gardens Illustrated has some of the most captivating photos to inspire anyone, and is a great learning resource for any gardener out there.

Magazines are one of the best easy-to-read resources any of us have for a number of needs. Gardening magazines can also be found at your local library, so if you’re not sure if you want to subscribe, you can check a few out there to find your favorites. All of these magazines also have digital formats for all you iPad or iPhone owners out there. Do you read gardening magazines?

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