5 Tips on Photographing Butterflies ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Photographing Butterflies ...

Photography is an excellent way to capture an image and look at it over and over again. I’ve had many times where my photographs didn’t do the image justice. I’m sure you’ve come across pictures that you’ve taken so you could show someone else the wonderful site, only to have them not be as impressed as you hoped. Butterflies can be a tricky subject when it comes to capturing their beauty. Here are 5 tips on photographing butterflies for you to use.

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Be Careful What You Wear

This goes for both scents and clothing. The less perfume, strongly scented deodorants, or bug repellents you have on, the less likely it will be that you scare off the butterflies. Also, try to wear muted clothing so the butterflies focus more on the flowers and not so much on your brightly colored clothing.


Keep the Sunlight in Front of the Butterfly

When the sun is behind the butterfly, the picture tends to have too much of a bright spot in the middle and the butterfly’s image is lost. Be sure to keep the butterfly out of your shadow as well. Crouch down to keep your body from blocking the sunlight on your subject.


Take More Photos than You Think You’ll Need

It’s hard to take a picture and then look at it to see if it turned out good. If you do try to check pictures often, your tiny subjects might be long gone before you can get another picture of them. Take lots of pictures and look at them later. This is the best time to have a digital camera on hand.


Have Lots of Patience

Butterflies do better when they are allowed to come to you, instead of you chasing them around the garden. If you are sitting in a place where many butterflies tend to visit, then you shouldn’t have to wait long. Waiting around 15 minutes for a butterfly to visit the flowers in front of you is well worth it.


Use a Fast Shutter Speed

There is an awful lot going on when you’re trying to photograph butterflies. The flowers sway as butterflies land on them and take off, the butterflies are always flitting about, and the camera is hard to steady. In order to get pictures that don’t consist of colorful blurs, a fast shutter is a must.

The tips described above are provided by photographers with different levels of expertise. A lot of photography depends on the type of equipment used, but another portion relies on the amount of practice a person has behind the camera. Do you find it difficult to photograph butterflies or are you a natural at it?

Top Photo Credit: thefost

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