5 Tips on Caring for a Bird Feeder ...


5 Tips on Caring for a Bird Feeder ...
5 Tips on Caring for a Bird Feeder ...

I like feeding the birds and seeing them flit around the yard. I find them to be very beneficial little friends to have. Here are 5 tips on caring for a bird feeder that might come in handy for you someday. Enticing birds to hang out in the yard is a great way to keep the insect population down, and to have some entertainment as well.

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Protect the Finish from the Elements

Applying a new coat of paint to a metal or wooden bird feeder is the best way to keep it looking like new. Wooden ones will begin to rot as the protective paint wears off. Metal bird feeders are known to rust when the paint begins to peel off of it. Look over your feeder during the beginning of summer to see if new paint is needed.


Don’t Let Wet Seeds Set in the Feeder

Wet seeds will end up molding and/or sprouting inside of a bird feeder. After a hard rain, it’s a good idea to check and see if the seed in the feeder is still dry. It may seem like a waste to throw out all the seed of a newly filled bird feeder, but this is necessary when the seed gets wet.


Hang It out of the Neighbor Cat’s Reach

Cats are well known for catching song birds. Some of them eat the birds out of hunger and others merely find pleasure in attacking these little feathery beings. Placing the bird feeder in a location that isn’t easily accessible by cats is a great way to protect unsuspecting birds from being attacked.


Make Sure the Feeder Fits the Seeds

Not all birds eat the same type of seed. Finches have tiny bills and prefer thistle seed, while cardinals have large beaks and enjoy cracking sunflower seeds. If you have place sunflower seeds in a feeder meant for thistle seeds, there will be some very disappointed birds. The holes on a finch feeder are much smaller and sunflower seeds are unable to pass through them.


Don’t Make the Feeder Hard to Reach

Taking care of a bird feeder often includes constant filling, especially in very busy yards. If you have the bird feeder in a location that is difficult to reach, then you most likely won’t fill it as often as needed. Birds tend to become dependent on food sources, so make sure they can rely on your feeder to be constantly full if you want them to visit often.

Having one bird feeder is usually enough for most people to take care of easily. Multiple bird feeders require a lot more time and effort. Do you have a daily routine that includes filling bird feeders in your yard? What do you find to be the most difficult part about maintaining a bird feeder?

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