5 Tips on the Perfect Birdfeeder ...


5 Tips on the Perfect Birdfeeder ...
5 Tips on the Perfect Birdfeeder ...

In my opinion, there are least 5 aspects of a birdfeeder that need to be in place before I consider it to be a perfect one. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a feeder that includes all 5 parts of my criteria. Here are 5 tips on the perfect birdfeeder that I think you might like to consider before making a purchase of a new feeder.

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Offers Protection from the Elements

I like feeders that give birds a place to eat that is out of the wind, sun, and rain. This is one of the hardest things to find in bird feeder construction. I don’t know if the weather bothers birds all that much, but it sure makes me cringe to see them huddled outside against the wind and the rain while trying to get a meal.


Easy to Clean

Feeders that are difficult to clean are a huge pain, especially if the seed gets wet and you don’t know it. Moldy seed tends to stick together and is difficult to shake loose from inside a bird feeder. Don’t choose feeders that only have a small opening for pouring feed through. These types of feeders are nearly impossible to clean out.


Squirrel Proof

A number of unique squirrel-proof bird feeders have been designed over the years. Some of the spinning squirrel-proof feeders are frustrating for squirrels, but great forms of entertainment for humans. If squirrels aren’t your problem, but larger birds are, then look for feeders that allow small birds to enter while keeping larger birds out.



Keeping bird seed dry will prevent birds from getting sick on spoiled seed. The other part of having a weatherproof feeder means you won’t have to worry about the feeder falling apart any time soon. If you prefer wooden bird feeders, then make sure there is a waterproof finish on the wood to keep the feeder looking nice for many years.


Easy to Fill

No matter how cool a bird feeder looks, I still find it irritating when I need a funnel to get birdseed into the feeder. I like feeders that I can open the top and fill with one or two scoops of grain and am done.

If you take these 5 tips into account, I think you’ll be able to find the perfect bird feeder for you and your feathery friends. What do you look for in a bird feeder?

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