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5 Tips on Raising Rabbits ...

By Aprille

I’ve always enjoyed having rabbits running around. When I was a kid, I had one that was litter box trained and lived in the house. This changed when my sweet little bunny chewed the cable on the deep freeze and flooded the kitchen. My rabbits all live outside and seem to be perfectly content. If you are thinking of getting into the rabbit business, then you might be able to use these 5 tips on raising rabbits.

5 Provide Cages at Least 4 Times the Size of the Rabbit

It’s best to make the cage large enough that your rabbit won’t outgrow it quickly. An average sized rabbit requires a cage that is 3 feet in width and length, plus 2 feet in height. Rabbits don’t need a large area to run around, but most do enjoy it!

4 Feed Them Mostly Hay and Pellets

Timothy hay should be offered in large quantities, while pellets can be measured out. An adult rabbit needs approximately one-half cup of pellets per 4 pounds of body weight each day. You can supplement their diet with fresh veggies as well.

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3 Supply Food and Water in Rabbit-proof Containers

Rabbits will chew anything plastic and turn a perfectly good dish into a pile of shavings. Use heavy crockery for food pellets, since this material is heavy enough that rabbits can’t pick it up and toss it around. Water bottles made for rabbits or crockery can be used for supplying fresh water each day.

2 Protect Them from the Elements

Cold weather is rarely a problem, thanks to the thick fur rabbits are supplied with. However, wind is a completely different issue. Make sure at least a portion of the cage is wind-proof, allowing your rabbit to hide from strong winds. Also, heat can quickly kill a rabbit. Give them 2-liter bottles that have been filled with water and frozen. They will lie next to these and keep cool during the summer.

1 Be Sure to Handle Your Rabbit from Time to Time

If you are raising your rabbit to be a pet, make sure to pick him up every now and then. The more you handle him, the tamer he will become. This will cause him to be less stressed whenever you reach into the cage to supply food or change his water.

I hope these tips prove to be useful for you. Feel free to pass them on to someone you know who might be thinking of raising rabbits. In my opinion, you can never have too much information on how to take care of animals. Do you think these tips are useful? Are there additional ideas on raising rabbits you can offer?

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