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5 Tips on Chasing off Pests ...

By Aprille

The tactic used to chase away garden pests depends on the type of pest you want to get rid of. For instance, a method used for scaring off crows won’t work on aphids. Here are 5 tips on chasing off pests of assorted sizes.

5 Rabbits

Live traps actually work very well when it comes to scaring off rabbits. I caught one in a live trap during the evening and he had to sit in the cage all night long. By the time I let him out in the morning, he didn’t want anything to do with my garden! There are also non-lethal forms of rabbit repellant that you can spray on plants. The most common one is called Thiram.

4 Birds

I have enough cats in the yard that the large birds that do the most damage to a garden don’t even think about coming close. If you don’t have a cat living in your yard, then go for the pie plate method. Hang some disposable pie tins on string and let them dangle on the garden fence. The movement will startle birds, causing them to vacate the premises.

3 Bugs

Since these are the most common garden pest, there are plenty of insecticides used to get rid of them completely. For simply chasing them off of plants, try using a mix of dish soap and warm water. Spray plants with this solution and the bugs should decide to find a new garden to torment. You’ll have to apply the mixture each time you notice that the bugs have started to return.

2 Moles

Unless you want to start building barriers all around your plants, then you only have a couple of mole-friendly options. I know many people resort to putting poison down in mole tunnels or setting up the most barbaric looking traps. I prefer to make them want to find a new home on their own. Adding a bit of water to their tunnel system tends to make them think twice about coming back to the same area. A soggy tunnel is very difficult to dig through.

1 Deer

An 8 foot fence will usually keep out any deer that may want in your garden. I know not everyone is able to set up this tall of fence, so here is another solution; create a diversion from foliage. There are certain plants that deer don’t eat, such as forget-me-nots, ferns, daffodils, lamb’s ear, carnations, lavender, wormwood, and black-eyed Susans. Place some of these plants around the perimeter of your garden area and the deer should steer clear of the delectable stuff in the middle.

I hope these pest control tips are ones you can use to protect your garden. Do you have any other type of pest that wreaks havoc on your garden? How do you deal with this parti

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