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5 Tips on Getting Misteltoe ...

By Aprille

Mistletoe can be found very easily, but you might need to know where to look. It has become such a part of tradition for most people that decorating during the holidays isn’t complete without a sprig of mistletoe. Here are 5 tips on getting misteltoe. I hope one of these methods works well for you and you get your lucky sprig to decorate with!

5 Buy Online

Online stores tend to have mistletoe in small quantities. They often have decorated the sprigs with ribbon to make them more festive. These come packaged and ready to hang or bare sprigs can be used for creating a decoration of your own.

4 Stop by a Floral Shop

Florists sometimes use springs in holiday arrangements around Christmas time. Stop by and talk to your local florist to see if there is some mistletoe on hand or if it can be ordered. Chances are some will be available when you stop by so you won’t have to wait.

3 Visit a Location Selling Christmas Trees

Many tree lots in big cities have mistletoe for sale. These two seem to go hand in hand for the holidays, so it seems logical to sell them in the same area. You might have better luck finding mistletoe at a tree lot where the trees are already cut down.

2 Find Some in the Woods

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on other trees. This plant can be seen in the tops of tall trees when all the leaves of the tree have dropped off for the winter. If you see a large green ball-shaped mass of leaves in the top of a tree, it is probably mistletoe. You will most likely need a very tall ladder to reach this mass.

1 Go Artificial

This is probably the simplest option, since fake mistletoe can be found just about everywhere. The live plant is very toxic to humans and animals, so people with pets or small children aren’t likely to go for the real thing anyway. Also, if you choose to buy fake mistletoe, you’ll have it the following year and it will look as good as new.

Hopefully these tips lead you to your sprig of mistletoe successfully. I always hang one in the kitchen doorway. Supposedly it’s good luck just to have it in the house, but I hear even more good luck is issued if you are kissed under the mistletoe. Do you prefer live or fake mistletoe?

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