7 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly at Home ...

By RikkiLynn

7 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly at Home ...

When trying to find ways to be eco-friendly at home, consider your surroundings. It’s easier than it seems. Your house could easily become eco-friendly with just a few simple steps. I’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to be eco-friendly at home, so here it is!

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1 Turn off Lights

Turn off all lights when not needed. Even as you go from room to room, don’t keep the lights on too long. Avoid turning lights on during the day when not needed. This will save so much more energy than you think. Not only is one of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly at home, it will also save you a surprising amount of money on your power bills. When you can save the environment and save money, you're doing pretty well.

2 Shut the Fridge

Everyone does this; when you’re deicing what you want from the fridge, you keep the door wide open while examining your options. Stop! You know what’s in your fridge. I mean, after all, it is yours. You bought all the stuff inside! Take a quick look inside, then shut the door and consider your options. Open the fridge when you know what you want and close it immediately. Opening and closing your fridge excessively wastes a lot of energy. It can also be bad for the food.

3 Quicker Showers

Whether you’ve had a long day or you’re the type to waste time in the shower, cut it out now. Get done what you need to get done in the shower and leave. Wasting time in the shower wastes gallons of water. I’m not saying to slack off, but do what needs to be done and finish up as soon as possible.

4 Turn off Water

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, or washing your hands, turn off the water. More water is wasted when you’re brushing your teeth than you’re actually using. Use what you need and shut the water off. This is so simple and will save you so much money on your water bill.

5 Unplug Things

When outlets are full of plugs, they may not be in use but energy is still going through the plugs and being wasted. Unplug any plugs when you’re not using them. I know you can’t always unplug your television every time you’re done watching it, but when you’re not using a phone charger or a radio, unplug it. More energy is wasted when the plug is in the socket and not being used than you would think.

6 No Water Bottles

From now on, stop buying plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles aren’t just bad for the environment, they’re a waste of money and bad for you. Buying a nice eco-friendly water bottle will save you money in the long run. You can re-use it whenever, and fill it up when needed.

7 BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag!)

Many grocery stores give you the option to use paper or plastic bags. How about bringing your own bag? A variety of food stores give you the option to buy reusable bags. So, why not? Using reusable bags saves time and money. They’re also good for the environment.

These are seven of the simplest things you can do to stay eco-friendly in your home. Do you do any of these? If not, start! Can you think of any more?

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Perfect timing with Earth Day and all. Yay for environmental articles!

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