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There are oodles of benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables that you just have to know! Gardening isn’t something I ever thought I would take an interest in but after I discovered health and nutrition, everything changed. Suddenly I was excited at the thought of picking my own herbs to cook with and just walking to my yard to get cucumbers or tomatoes instead of driving to the store. If you’d like to improve your diet, food budget, and your waistline, consider some of my favorite benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

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Connects You to Your Food

One of best benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables is that it connects you to your food more because you know where your food comes from. This gives you a higher appreciation for the earth, your body, and your responsibility for taking care of them both.


Lower Pesticides

Did you know most conventional forms of produce are laced with pesticides that can cause you to gain weight, disrupt your hormone function, and even lead to chronic disease? Growing your own fruits and vegetables eliminates pesticide exposure greatly, if not completely. Use organic soil and learn to compost instead of opting for chemical fertilizers.


Cook More at Home

If you’re going to be growing fruits and vegetables, you’re likely to cook more at home to use them up. Just by making your meals at home instead of eating out might also help you lose some weight and save more money!


You’re More Likely to Eat Them

Cucumbers might not sound appealing at the store, but chances are if you’ve got a whole bushel of them at home, you're much more likely to eat them. Not to mention they'll taste almost 100% better because they're fresher and haven't been sitting on the store shelves for days on end.


They’re More Nutritious

Homegrown fruits and vegetables are much higher in nutrition than items you buy at the store. The reason? Transport time. The time it takes for your fruits and vegetables to make it to the supermarket are around three days to one week. Then take into account how long they sit there until you actually purchase them. During this transport time their nutrition decreases greatly and their price increases. When you choose to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you take in more nutrients and save money.


You Can Sell Them

Let’s say you’re single and your tomato and carrot plants just won’t let up. Instead of letting them spoil, consider selling any extras at a local farmer’s market to bring in extra income. Or you could even sell or donate them to friends and family or to a food pantry.


Enhances Your Creativity

A girl can only eat so many salads before she gets sick of them. If you’ve got multitudes of fresh fruits and vegetables growing in your garden, chances are you’ll get pretty creative in the kitchen. This not only makes you enjoy cooking more, but also enhances your creativity in the culinary arts, which can improve your creativity in other parts of your life.

Need some ideas for how to get started in growing your own fruits and vegetables? Check out some other fabulous gardening articles here: gardening.allwomenstalk.com. Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables?

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I love gardening and especially fruits and vegetables.

Very nice,thanks.....

Shit, I'd be growing so much, if I could be! Need land 1st.

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