7 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Urban Garden ...

By Lyndsie

7 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Urban Garden ...

An urban garden can be really gorgeous, not to mention practical and environmentally friendly. You can grow anything, from your own herbs and vegetables to flowers, creating a little oasis of lush greenery and beauty in a world that can do with some color – and some sustainable energy! There are all kinds of urban gardens and possible designs; you can find something no matter what kind of space you have. If you’re interested in planting a garden in a city setting, here are some great tips to get you started!

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1 Choose Your Urban Garden Setting

There are lots of different city gardens from which you can choose, depending on the amount of space and time you have, as well as what you want to grow. Window boxes are ideal for smaller spaces with plenty of sunlight. You can grow herbs, some vegetables, and plenty of flowers. You can grow many vegetables write inside yourself. You may also have a communal or community garden in which you’d like to build a plot. Also, if it’s possible, there’s really nothing like a rooftop garden!

2 Compost

The garbage situation in many cities is pretty intense, plus many people are adopting eco-friendly habits. Recycling is really a necessity now, and you can even recycle your old food by composting it. That will allow you to have rich, fertile soil even in your urban garden.

3 Pick Your Plantings

What you choose to plant can make a difference in which setting you choose. If you want to go vegetables, for instance, you’ll have to make sure they’ll get sufficient time in the sun to grow. When growing veggies or herbs, you should also make sure you’re only growing things that will get eaten, either by yourself, your family, your friends, or people around the neighborhood.

4 Supplement the Sun

In some urban settings, planting a garden requires a little extra help. You might have to work in tandem with Mother Nature if your area simply doesn’t get the sunlight it needs. You can use grow lights instead if you need to, but remember that direct sunlight is generally more beneficial.

5 Proper Watering

When you have an urban garden, making sure your plants get watered is essential. If you live in a climate that gets too much or too little rain, you’ll have to protect your garden. You can also consider collecting rainwater, which is incredibly environmentally friendly.

6 Be Inventive

There are so many ways to create containers and locations for urban gardens that some research will take you a long way. Seriously, there are eco-friendly, thrifty ways to build your own containers from so many different materials, you may only need to go through your storage closets to find everything you need. These homemade gardens are funky, trendy, and they can really show your personality while displaying and nurturing something beautiful.

7 Share

If you’re able to start a rooftop garden, participate in a community garden, or start a backyard space in your building or co-op, invite people to join you. Gardening is even more fun when you’re part of a group, you’re all giving back to the community, and you’re feeding yourself with wonderful, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

If you’re interested in starting an urban garden, you just need to plan a little. It’s not all that difficult, and every aspect of it is incredibly good for the environment. Do you have any other tips for starting city gardens?

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